Slash Cut Off-Road Exhaust Pipes For Triumph America

My Triumph upgraded to long off-road slash-cut exhaust pipes.


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  1. fadedjeans says:

    what saddle bags are those. I put the same pipes on my 2007 . love them

  2. Nathan Dunn says:

    sounds great, im looking into getting one myself. How is the passenger pillion? would love to take some long trips with my girl

  3. K.C. Gager says:

    Hi My customer like the pipe and the sound. Not sure but did i miss how makes them.

  4. hi i have triumph america 2013 865cc EFI do you think i will have to remap and also did you change your air in take at all

  5. nwroadrat says:

    I had the dealer re-jet the carbs. I don't believe they did any additional tuning. The additional power and better engine performance, for me, was worth it.

  6. Hi there
    I wanted to get short slash cuts for my speedmaster but a friend told me the problem with re jetting corbs and other tuning that i need to do after words so its wasnt very feasible. Can you please let me know if you have done any changes to your carb setting or you just installed the pipes and off you go?:)
    regards and thank you in advance

  7. nwroadrat says:

    My new pipes, while straight through still have baffling in them. It's quiet at idle but louder when throttle is applied. If someone's having to use ear plugs that's probably a drag pipe or no pipe…lol The advantage I got with what I did was the bike responded better and that's what I was after. I think you'll like what an after-market pipe does for your bike so go for it!

  8. Do you find the noise going down the road kind of annoying? Sometimes I hear that riders get exhaust too loud and actually have to wear hair plugs. I have a Yamaha V Star 650 I was considering replacing the exhaust with Cobra or Vance Hines

  9. nwroadrat says:

    On the freeway, it felt like it "took the gloves" off the bike in the rev ranges.

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