Flying our rocket ships up the San Bernarghetto Mountains SUBSCRIBE to SinSitySlik: His Motorcycle: Triumph …


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  1. Ok come on. There is some great scenery, but those are not mountains haha.

  2. Sooo eh go see some of that fire. Just charge it baker

  3. Hwy 2 from Big Pines or Mountain High… do you have a vid on that road?

  4. That Daytona is the bike I want………they are pretty rare here in Michigan though. Difficult finding a good one

  5. Hexiide IV says:

    am I the only one that thinks Derek should have more sub's

  6. Junior says:

    Good Ole San Bernaghetto! Miss the Mountains out there.

  7. Tommy Le says:

    unwatchable urging for the into, its too unbearable

  8. what ever happened to Sub D's 1050?

  9. if u ever want to ride somewhere beautiful in California u need to check out Cool, CA area! that's where I live and its really breathtaking some of the places around here and not much straight roads !!

  10. brokendown63 says:

    My old stompin' grounds! Grew up in Berdoo. You rode right past my old house there on 40th street! Used to sit there on Hwy 18 next to Wildwood Park and hitch up to Crestline with our Bicycles and do some downhillin. Good times! Thanks for the vids Derek it's been awhile since I've been back!

  11. bill schimko says:

    cool video, ya want to hear a blender ??  my bmw1200rt fits that description. but if I want to set off car alarms, I ride my old Harley. you guys on sportblkes going 160-180 with your hair on fire is too much for this 65 yr old rider. !!!!  RIDE SAFE

  12. Can you take off your exhaust and ride straight pipe for a another episode please 

  13. I wanna ram some CHEAH in my goody hole…. gotta confuse the body, right babe ?

  14. You sound a lot like KOSDFF tK

  15. 2:58 Delincunt. Did I hear that wrong? Lmao, sounded like it. 😂😂😂

  16. I'm not a Triumph guy but that does sound very sexy!

  17. Alvin Osborn says:

    not sure u tried yet but Glendora Ridge Road has some nice views

  18. dammnn!! aye bxd hit 150 like nothing😂 6:00

  19. Had to come back and catch up on some of your videos I missed. This was great dude love it, can listen to the ZX10R all day. Do you name your bikes?

  20. Derek Munro says:

    I think I want a Daytona now. Sweet bike.

  21. Brian X says:

    Just got snow in ohio on the first day of spring. I'm jealous of 80 degrees and sunny.

  22. YOUNG ANGLER says:

    Where's pit bike adventures

  23. Jason Evans says:

    Sinsity you look like a lightning fast sperm from bakers mushroom tip. Good vid bxd

  24. Well I have officially watched every single one of your videos, took me awhile but I'm not even mad. Before I watched your videos me and my buddies would say cheah and I bout died laughin when I heard you say it! It's now on my bucket list to go to Cali and ride with you and see those sick view ropes homie! By far my favorite channel, I look forward every day after work to watching one of your videos! Stay golden pony boy. Ride safe brotha

  25. Moto Virus says:

    I love those mountains, very nice views, great video 😀🤘

  26. I can't state this enough: your intros/outros are fucking amazing.

  27. How funny if he didn't know you kicked his kickstand up and tried to get off?

  28. Wish we had some "fire view ropes " in NJ

  29. Ichiban Moto says:

    aaaah… two things we don't have here. mountains, sunshine and roads without salt

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