She’s BACK! (& Keychain Winners)

In this episode of ‘fit a rad guard eh? Aren’t you clever,’ I install a Rad Guard to my STR after a stone kicked my ass on track a couple of weeks back. Hot damn I …


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  1. Great video's! Glad you got your bike back. I just recently couldn't ride mine for a couple weeks due to a bad rectifier and stator. The weather just happened to be perfect those couple weeks as well… Replaced both parts my self and it has been running great since

  2. Morgan Bevan says:

    came from Walters channel, just subbed, nice video aswell!

  3. kantik97 says:

    i can t watch how u ride left side of the road is so unnatural for me

  4. Strawberry Volvic as coolant = +10 hp

  5. Parked like a knob no less though the ferrari

  6. ElectroMoto says:

    So glad everything worked out well with your bike.. I can't imagine being without riding even for a couple of days, our riding season being short as it is… =)

  7. Dude, start selling the keychains!! C'mon I want to buy keychains!

  8. Dexy Git says:

    Dude. I sent you a (short) message the other day. Any chance of replying? It may yield another Patreon bod on your list.

  9. sushi suzuki says:

    Already mounted the radiator guard on the R1, Dont trust the rocks. Radiator to expensive to fuck up….

  10. sushi suzuki says:


  11. Hey dude I've got my set up but how do you work around the housing I can't connect the mic

  12. sixmiffedy says:

    Good job getting it back on the road man, hopefully the fix will last. Ferrari driver parks in the space like a Ferrari driver, tbh I would too if I had one.

  13. Neil Rawlins says:

    Was that rust on the downpipes? I thought they were stainless. May be worth getting a front mud guard extender!!

  14. Wow 30 quid that's a bargain.. Have a mate who's got a holed rad.. Do you have any contact details?

  15. Zalonka says:

    Then there's me, bolts fairings to get to other bolts to get to plastic pins and tabs to get to bike.
    My next bike unless it's a damn RSV4 will be a naked for sure

    Hey SMO I had a Mercedes try to kill me four days ago now. He tried to hit me twice and forced me into oncoming traffic. I almost stopped riding but after two days hopped on the bike for a midnight cruise. (You know clear roads and all) The coppers were busy with any drunkards and didn't give two shits about me and my 300. I say 300 so people know it can't just jet away from some faster cars like this particular mercedes who regretfully had a fucking awesome prick as an owner. I put that in FAP because I would of done bad things to his face like maybe fap on it.

    Yes kudos for me for my little pun there hope ya liked it. Well buddy after having someone try to kill me and after my hands stopped shaking after an hour and a half. I waiting two hours in 40F after it was just 70F. For a friend to meet me and ride with me home because I was terrified of you know seeing baby jesus or something like that.

    I love my bike and TONIGHT me and my GF took it to go get dinner. (zippy_triple) is my 2" dick instagram I have a picture of being able to watch it while we were eating. Amazing food with an amazing girlfriend on an amazing adventure to an amazing new place on an amazing thing called a motorcycle. I love bikes and now am confirmed that they rev my heart because hey. Only after someone tries to kill you if you still have the undying itch to ride I think you know it to be true. My work hours are cut so I can't afford a gopro let alone all my soon to be fuck me bills. When riding it last night I received so many thumbs up etc it's crazy to see the love you get on a 300 when you expect people to treat you like poo because of the low CC I mean penis size.

    Because we all know there's a lot of "riders" that judge you by your cc, oh I mean penis size. That are out there and I've met many of them. Funny enough most are on Busa's because they're still the fastest "bro."

    Peace from Wis-con-SIN. I can't afford the ride down shiz happened and I have to use that cash on a car unfortunately.
    This is after I already warmed the girlfriend and ride tested her endurance of riding… hm that came out clear enough. Have a safe flight, trip, and ride. If you spend all your cash and can't get back just remember $20 is $20 ..on the corner.

  16. Gonna order a rad guard for my Street now!

  17. MorryMoto says:

    DUDE!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you 🙂 And you just gotta love a little spanking of the STriple lol

  18. Dear smo ya big mofo are you going to start to selling them keychains ?? My hunter (black and gold 675r) needs one.

  19. Samuel Wicks says:

    Oh how I've missed that sound. 👌🏽

  20. Rage Quit87 says:

    what about using Evians waterless coolant?

  21. Right on Smo glad your back spanking the Tripple and, we love Morry Moto. From here in the states, thanks.

  22. I've holidayed in Isle of Wight a couple of times now. Beautiful place. I always get excited when I see places I've been to haha.

  23. Spectre223 says:

    Glad the beast is back in action, meaning the Striple and not that infamous purple rabbit from videos past. Hopefully you have the weather to enjoy her now we're coming into Summer

  24. Cornish_ Boy says:

    How did you not clean your headers!!!! I do mine on my speedy ever 6 months but the radiator is a pain to get around so without it on you could have made them look amazing! Never guess I'm a bit ocd would you! Lol

  25. RyanTCB says:

    Your situation saved me. After hearing about your track day incident I went a bough the evotech rad guard. I would not have even though about it if it wasn't for your situation. So thanks Smo

  26. Ben Riley says:

    Great to see you back on the bike. Also woo!

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