5 Comments to “Selling a 1967 BSA Thunderbolt Motorcycle—Kickstart: Buy/Ride/Sell (Episode 3)”

  1. Jeff Jones says:

    Question..Did you put Additive in with the fuel ? as I will guess this was meant to run on leaded fuel and un-leaded will burn out the exhaust valve.

  2. I think you should try to find a 72-75 Kawasaki H2 750.  They are really unique bikes, 3 cylinder 2-stroke 70+ horsepower.  Great series and great channel, by the way.  I hope the subscribers pick up like TFLcar and Truck.

  3. headcas620 says:

    It's no big deal to lose 100 bucks. You'll make that back from the videos. Who's 300zx is that?

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