Scramblers in the Rockies! Ducati Scrambler vs Triumph Scrambler | ON TWO WHEELS

Before there were ADV bikes, enduros, or even dirt bikes, there were Scramblers. Simple, versatile bikes that you rode everywhere, including off road. In this …


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25 Comments to “Scramblers in the Rockies! Ducati Scrambler vs Triumph Scrambler | ON TWO WHEELS”

  1. ryan mcneil says:

    i would guess the camera guy was on something more capable

  2. Интересное путешествие ))

  3. Anyone know what jackets those are?

  4. You guys should make these videos 30ish minutes long, that would be amazing. wanna trade lives? lol

  5. ajp33green says:

    Stock tires on the triumph?

  6. and lots of funny moments … the background music is perfect

  7. am subscribing right away … cool guys … Will do a profile and travel story in u…. mail me. ..

  8. Kommentator says:

    Hey guys.. I'm looking for a cheap~ish bike with 48hp or less. Does anyone know any good bikes in that category?
    It would help me a lot

  9. drott150 says:

    I had a serious case of deja vu watching that muffler fall off at 4:12. In the summer of 1972, my dad was following us in our station wagon out of a Pennsylvania State Park on his original 1969 500 Triumph Trophy scrambler. His scrambler was equipped with the exact same type of mufflers and the exact same thing happened – they fell off the bike and hit the road. I watched the whole thing happen from the rear window of our wagon and remember it vividly, even today. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Great video, thanks!

  10. mbsnyderc says:

    Scramblers are for dirt roads not off Road.

  11. Helmut Vogel says:

    What kind of armor jeans are you wearing?

  12. Coolest channel on this website.

  13. eduardo diez says:

    What type of bag does Ari is using in minute 4:55?

  14. The Triumph sounded better without the muffler

  15. Lee Bradley says:

    If a bultaco could do it back in the day….no reason why the modern equivalent couldnt . Ammeture riders 😄

  16. Great video guys! I love the fact that you make seem so easy! Just grab a bike and head out! I love it

  17. Great bikes, but I cant stand the hosts.. they try way too hard to be funny and even the smallest "witty" comments sounds like just another line in the script.

  18. MechRider89 says:

    damn that looks like so much fun.

  19. Itzak says:

    rip retail value on the triumph now

  20. hardwaryou says:

    I felt pain when the Triumph fell down

  21. Lorne Day says:

    Awesome video! I only have a question. What was the camera guy riding to keep up.

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