Scrambler Slam: Ducati vs. Triumph

What’s a scrambler? In decades past, a scrambler was a street motorcycle stripped down and optimized for off-road use by way of swapping-in high-pipes, wider …


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  2. Holy White Balance issues, you guys.

  3. Dan L says:

    For the scrambler competition, I'd say the Triumph is the clear winner…a scrambler that you debate if you'd go off road with….? is it really a scrambler? 🙂 But, overall, I like the aesthetics of the Triumph better.

  4. kaisar1 says:

    Ducati guy was like, 'Why the eff am i here in this video? Im pissed and totally not relating to this review thing'.

  5. my 87 xr dirt bike is quieter..why are all new bikes so noisy..the husqvarna 701 sounds like shit also..

  6. In my country (Indonesia), that Triumph and Ducati costs 4 times than the base price in US. So, I bought Range Rover instead. Darn import tax.

  7. Boomboom says:

    Triumph all day for me just for the sound alone, but would have to change the exhausts tho, the Duc on the other hand sounds more like a hair dyer in comparison to the Triumph, plus it's to modem looking to be a 70s scrambler the Duc…IMO

  8. okay Kevin, you were high right… roll on

  9. Does anyone know what the soundtrack is @3:24 ??

  10. Aaron Shaw says:

    C'm o n. Clexer. fire coast W h a t's h a p p e n i n g, g u y s.

  11. MrDsheel says:

    Hey, Please do a Ducati Scrambler Vs Yamaha MT07

  12. Adam Adams says:


  13. both bikes made in Thailand by underpaid workers and sold outrageously expensive to western middle class white collars who will ride them on week ends not even to their full potential. We are both F-cked by this so called liberal system. I want all this to end quickly.

  14. Used to ride my grandad's old 650 Bonnie.

  15. iwantou says:

    unfair comparison, both interesting bikes for different reasons. Nice to see a description of each bikes qualities though. I had a 1970's version of the Triumph. Trophy 650cc with single carb. Essentially a street bike with high pipes. Torquy and fun to ride.

  16. Noah Mayer says:

    Outstanding Performanhe. Hey tmere. accessible basket What's your opinion about that, gvys !!

  17. I love the triumph scrambler , I haven not seen it before but from what I'm hearing in your video I think I would prefer the triumph over the Ducati scrambler .

  18. Renouex2011 says:

    Triumph looks wicked , the new street twin is also available in a scrambler .

  19. lyle skaalid says:

    Compare it to Triumph Tiger!

  20. n2dabloo says:

    Kevin Duke sounds exactly like Carl Sagan. No harm intended, lol. Great review!


  22. alflurin says:

    I don't understand why people keep comparing the Triumph Scrambler to the base model of the Ducati Scrambler and not the urban enduro for example…. just saying….. it's odd!

  23. Hunter says:

    How would said scrambler do on highways? He said speed was an issue but it's an 800+cc motor if I heard that right. Seems like it would be able to perform decently both in cities and highways? I'm moving to Oceanside CA soon and I'd take the highway to get back and forth to work. Bout a 20min drive. But sometimes I'd like to visit my brother in Pendleton which would be rough an hour drive. Thoughts?

  24. Paulo B. says:

    The "gray" bike dream. Not to specific in any case, but all capable in the hands of a good pilot. Well those bikes will be ideal for you if they correspond to your ridding needs, if not , you are trowing away your money. You see , with those tires and suspensions they can be easily "passed"by cheaper machines (some at half price of the scramblers) that are made to a specific (tarmac or dirt) environment, which can also perform as "gray" machines. So D. and T. are trying to appeal to your nostalgic senses, or "retro" needs, but is`t, really worthy so much money? if you customize, how much more you will spend?

  25. Ryan Taylor says:

    The triumph is going to be a nightmare to keep clean! However being a triumph it will have their traditional reliability so it will be in your garage mostly anyway so couldn't get it dirty even if you wanted to

  26. Dave Beeen says:

    cuz aluminium is not metal

  27. Gobby Prick says:

    Ducati, all looks no substance.

    Thank god Triumph are still around and going strong. so many British motorcycle manufactures have gone under, all the greats, Rudge, Velocette, BSA, Sunbeam.

  28. Mud Roost says:

    Jeez.. What is with the no skill testers here at If your testing a scrambler then get testers that can scramble them. Ari and Zack from On Two Wheels, in another video here on youtube, do a far better job of this. It would be best for these two to test buying the image of scramblers rather than riding these bikes as scramblers. Go back to testing the newest geezer-glide.

  29. Merv Cann says:

    both very cool bikes!
    "both built in Thailand to save production costs"… Translation: both built in Thailand so corporations can exploit the cheap labor! thanks prince Andrew you don't quite have enough $$$.

  30. Hey there. Video looks nice habitual shallow What do you think, guys… 11

  31. A bike that is better as a race bike is not a better bike. Journos (car and bike) give too much weight to power and ability to corner and brake like a race bike. Yes if you are doing a crotch rocket shoot out then yes. But a retro scrambler must be a bitumen race bike????? For 90% of guys who are over 25 this matters not at all esp if you are a scrambler, cruiser, retro style buyer. Any bike is plenty fast and most over 25s ride 99% of the time within the law and are better off with a motorcycle that feels good in that range and is okay at the hard charge. Rather than one that feels great at the hard charge and is a pig around town or cruising at legal speeds. Those fast bikes can be very annoying at legal speeds and very hard to keep at legal speed. Yep you like to kick any bike down and hit the curves now and then. But you know you are stuffed if a cop is around so you rarely do it. You look for tight roads where you can push the turns without the high speed that will get your licence suspended. That is the real world and in that world a Trumpy is more comfortable and enjoyable. The Ducati is great I want one but being a better race bike does not make it a better bike or a winner.

  32. OldDirtGuy says:

    If the fuel injection is anything like my old 916. It is very important to adjust the throttle cable carefully and often. There is an adjuster on the handlebar, and another on the throttle body. Keep it snug. Any slack creates the problem that they were complaining about.

  33. Brett Young says:

    The triumph looks mike a scrambler… The Ducati just looks like a naked bike..

  34. triumph all day long. ducati can't scramble so why is it called a scrambler.

  35. Oliver Jones says:

    REAL bikes not the useless boring ugly squared CRAP

  36. wingking077 says:

    nice to see triumph locates the rear calipers on the bottom of the brake disc…wtf

  37. I have a triumph scrambler it is awesome. ….

  38. tommydortch says:

    I want to see how the 1200cc custom Bonnie street tracker does against the Duck .

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