Scotland Adventure / Triumph Tiger Explorer XR / MotoGeo Adventures MotoGeo heads to Scotland on the Triumph Explorer 1200 XR, venturing from Glasgow city to the remote highlands, while Jamie tries …


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20 Comments to “Scotland Adventure / Triumph Tiger Explorer XR / MotoGeo Adventures”

  1. Peter Rooney says:

    Cudos for the correct pronunciation of Mallaig! Another amazing Moto Geo Video.

  2. awesome video man..beautiful places

  3. Dry Fly says:

    What was the name of the book that female rider mentioned? I couldn't find it…

  4. My missus stuck her butt out of the car for a pee and those midges had a real good go. Ha ha ha, it looked like her rear end had taken two rounds of twelve gauge birdshot. So,funny, I laughed for hours…until she hit me.

  5. wimmm72 says:

    Amazing adventure again,txs for sharing! Scotland…just awesome!

  6. Scott Henson says:

    Great video! I did a similar ride last summer from London to Melvaig and back, absolutely AMAZING! In two weeks I'll be riding around Cyprus, can't wait!

  7. Brgnalf81 says:

    Did you actually see the waitress at breakfast on Skye? …

  8. 148467DRM says:

    It always make my day everytime there’s a new MOTOGEO film.
    Looking forward to great rides and Jamie’s big bites. HAHAHA!

  9. SineOccasu says:

    Was that the stock exhaust? Sounded damn good. Don't remember the older Tigers sounding that good

  10. Great video. Keep them coming.

  11. aluisious says:

    How do you know a formerly first world nation is going straight down the tubes? They start pouring gravel on tar and calling it a road.

  12. billy4rocks says:

    ….and boom! Now im starving.

  13. This is the highest quality video you guys have ever made, great job all! It's nice to see improvement. I was already a fan, but keep this up! Excited to see where you go next!

  14. MrJpb2000 says:

    Great video…but fish pie instead of a burger? Really!! 👍

  15. Phil C says:

    Another cracking film right enjoyed it, cheers

  16. Mark Lee says:

    Great video!

    I don't think I ever heard the characteristic turbine sound that Triumph triples make. What happened to that?

  17. melciveng says:

    Great video, inspiring stuff!!

  18. Matt S. says:

    I gotta get over there!

  19. I love you'r vids mate , there are super great. Keep On Rid'ing…

  20. Bob Powar says:

    As always fantastic video 😀

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