RUSSIAN Motorcycle FAILS Compilation || Meanwhile in RUSSIA 2015 – part #1 || MIR

Compilation of Russian motorcycle crazy fails and crashes! Subscribe to Meanwhile in Russia channel for more epic motorbike fails and funny videos of 2015, thanks!
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22 Comments to “RUSSIAN Motorcycle FAILS Compilation || Meanwhile in RUSSIA 2015 – part #1 || MIR”

  1. stefan1708 says:

    take away the cars and trucks and bring back the donkeys your not ready for technology yet

  2. why your intro is lithuanian flag ? :D

  3. Anyone tell me at 2:31 which motorcycle is that

  4. ittakir says:

    I rode most of these bikes (Izh, Voshod, Ural). After that I tried Honda CRM250. You can't even compare these shit pieces with honda.

  5. Is everyone in Russia drunk all the time?

  6. So explain to me again, why do women live longer than men.

  7. TTP says:

    In soviet Russia, the motorcycle rides you.

  8. country style Russian motorcycle fails compilation. you should fix the caption! most of them are country kids on old soviet 2-stroke shit-o-bikes. noone ever wears a helmet let alone those vids are 10 years old

  9. 3:18 was easily the most russian thing i've ever seen

  10. The good thing about Russian Motorcycles is that you cannot go fast enough to hurt yourself.

  11. plmoknty says:

    Everything is outdated

  12. Wulfseal says:

    Funny but I think these mistakes/adventures happen in all countries where there are bored young people with access to an old motorbike.

  13. goalie2998 says:

    did every sidecart ever made in ww2 end up in russia?

  14. Roman Dybala says:

    Young and dumb and having the time of their lives.

  15. BeanCrust says:

    what are these bikes called? I really want one to just trash.

  16. russian motorcycled trash

  17. dunce , not able with the technique to apply

  18. 505197 says:

    When you are learning by trial and crash, it's always best to do it on a borrowed motorcycle.

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