28 Comments to “Riding a 1967 BSA Thunderbolt Motorcycle—Kickstart: Buy/Ride/Sell (Episode 2)”

  1. This bike is definitely NOT heavy! It´s easy to handle,easy to maintain,has good brakes for this time and vibrations? Every engine got them..Try to compare with Harley Sportster and then talk about it! I tried many bikes and very low vibrations had only BMW…

  2. Fun to watch, can't wait to get my Thunderbolt back on the road!

  3. 441rider says:

    I'd take the dirt and beat the Bronco on the dirt with my BSA after changing tires.

  4. Roman your son did great. Good work Thomas.

  5. Great buy Roman. Had a couple of vintage British twins back in the day. You're right, at 65 mph, they got rough. The mirrors vibrated into the size of dinner plates. Have fun.

  6. kkthxk says:

    Nice job guys, the bronco and the bike are both keepers!

    I'd love to rip that bronco up in the dirt.

  7. Hopefully the next motorcycle is a big bore 2 stroke enduro! If anyone finds a ts400 gas tank in pristine condition(Not Rusted), I will give $200 for it.

  8. Tommy is also a natural. More Tommy

  9. Roman, you just gained uber amounts of respect because you ride motorcycles. Well done sir.

  10. Albert Tran says:

    Does he have any riding pants?

  11. HaconBacon says:

    Good idea, allows for a good flow of older vehicles. will you be doing something similar for cars?

  12. UD747RED says:

    Do not SELL, just make a TFL classics museum or something like that, and it will give you more value in future and nice memories. :)

  13. Roman reminds me of Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider, after he'd been beaten to death.

  14. ChuckE2009 says:

    Really enjoyed this video, I think this is an awesome idea for a series! :)

  15. Johntyson says:

    Tommy is a natural YouTube presenter.

  16. Good Job Tommy, you won the race and you did great on your speaking roll. Hope to see more from you.

  17. Hey, Tommy, you're a lot better at this kind of thing than that old bloke with the toupée.

  18. I feel a lot more at home with the vintage bike and truck than I do with the modern stuff. The physical size of the old stuff is far more attractive, the new stuff is ridiculously large. Also, the old 'uns have character. If you took the badges off the current models, you couldn't tell what marque they were.

  19. Chris Barr says:

    could Tommy drive any slower. Maybe you should be in a CJ that could take the abuse of off road better. lol Its overheating because your driving 10mph lol

  20. Great job Tommy! Both of you that was a good video. Nice to see tommy getting involved in front of the camera

  21. Kevin Garcia says:

    Tommy did a good job on the video.

  22. CREGGYAS says:

    man I love that bronco. one of the prettiest vehicles I've ever seen….
    the bike is cool too, I've just gotten too used to electronic fuel injection to give it up xD 15 degrees f in the winter? starts on the first try!

  23. korling99 says:

    Your son did a great job on the video

  24. MrSapper21 says:

    father and son adventures are the best

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