40 Comments to “Revival Cycles – Jay Leno’s Garage”

  1. Power Wagon says:

    Sounded like the engine had a miss during acceleration.

  2. The metal work is Just crap and for 50 60,000? What did they do, buy their english wheel at Harbor Fraight?

  3. Liam J says:

    GSXR forks and drum brakes? WTF.

  4. Jeff Lin says:

    Awesome video! too expensive tho

  5. awesome video again, i liked it thoroughly. awesome I felt I wish I was in CA to witness the live. love you Jay for introducing them to us.

  6. I just don't want my bike built by a guy wearing skinny jeans and a pocket protector and sporting a man bun. Kind of like people paying $200.00 for a pair of naked (sans protection) leather gloves and an expresso at Jane Motorcycle in NYC. That's just something that is never gonna happen in my life.

  7. nice GUZZI,I just could never get use to shaft driven motorcycle's.

  8. Samson518 says:

    Williamsburg hipster dream. Needs craft beer holders out of brushed aluminum and beard trimmer attachment. Waste of money.

  9. SS SS says:

    Whats so special about it to cost 50K.. Waste of money to be honest.. Should try making your own.

  10. James Hoyt says:

    lithium ion battery right above an air cooled engine….that might spell fire.

  11. trever pitts says:

    how come they don't use the GoPro mount on his helmet and what I mean is. they didn't use any of the footage of a GoPro on his helmet

  12. mrabrasive51 says:

    Gay Hipsters and motorcycles=bad results!

  13. Gert Sterner says:

    Yak! They are ugly! 🙁 It makes no sense to ruin a Moto Guzzi that way. The craftsmanship is really badly executed. And the design… yak!

  14. lmdetect says:

    50 to 60 grand for a throw together bike that's uglier than a sack full of assholes? Are you kidding me? Nice try guys.
    And Jay, you shift all bikes by sound, not just Harleys. Lol. If a person is watching the speedometer to know when to shift gears, they shouldn't be riding the bike.

  15. dirk bowman says:

    Notice they didn't show how his fancy little key and starter works

  16. Martin Sage says:

    Hmm..take a beautiful Ducati and butcher it…uh ha😖

  17. If you think these bikes are overpriced, first check out their website and have a look at the gallery of the builds. There's a lot of work put into these bikes and they are basically art.

  18. They probability bought these bikes of Craigslist for next to nothing. Do a little mods and fab to them. Then sell them to some hipster that doesn't know anything about bikes, but has a disposable income.

  19. Martin Sage says:

    Yea, sure $60,000. Jay, stop featuring these way overpriced guys on your show if you want to keep your viewers. I love how you rest your knees on the hot heads. Great Design.😕

  20. colormesarge says:

    bad design and engineering on the bike he rode. knees on the cylinder heads? and jay's foot kept slipping; I was noticing how narrow the footrest was.

  21. Those guys got into the business to rip rich people off, kinda fucked up id say. Brought the worse sounding bike for Jay Leno to ride smh.

  22. Frank Hall says:

    Well done Jay.  Almost disguised your incredulity at the price.  Almost but not quite.

  23. Ron Burgandy says:

    I like these bikes people don't realize the work that went into them I know only because its a ton of work just to keep my 60s stock bridgestone on the road findingmaking parts for it 

  24. 50-60 000 dollar!!!! Rather buy a new Griso!

  25. Even Jay was surprised at the price.

  26. 1damnnut says:

    these bikes are not designed for average Joe  rich guys like leno who has 1 of everything..

  27. I wanna see Jay ride a KTM Joyride E Supermoto.  And see what he thinks.

  28. It is amazing that "Revival Cycles" quote 50 or 60 thousand dollars for these motorcycles.

    For a fraction of the price you could buy one of the new Moto Guzzi V7s and have a far better looking motorcycle which would also be more practical and probably handle better.

  29. jeff brown says:

    One hell of a profit margin!  Great to hear about the new show Jay,will be watching!!

  30. 7A says:

    i'm chopping my panigale, desmo duck with a 21 over springer with 12 inch rockers and a spool hub, 2 foot apes and a king and queen with a 4 foot trident sissy rail and fishtale birdshooters that end right by the top of the sissy rail. with highway pegs. gotta have 'em.

  31. 7A says:

    no wonder it's light, they removed the doors, the hood and the trunk.

  32. you can tell from the video when Jay is on the road, the bike has some issues with the suspension, bike  flexes way too much.  How much motorcycle design experience does the (company owner) engineer have?

  33. D zastre says:

    I love the one on the left and right but can't stand the colors pattern on the right….ehhhhhhh…not so hot.  Black would have added that stealthy updated look they where going for i THINK on the tank not completely shure but the great and orange is insanely ugly with all due respect but it's a gorgeous bike and well done. Way way over priced i assume jay didn't buy one for that price althought he seemed excited about the bike but i'm curious if he did lord knows hes got the extra cashoala

  34. JeffGR4 says:

    Jay is right on target — real motorcycles are those that have the engine, tank, gears, valves, hydraulics, wiring, handlebars, etc. visible.

  35. Jason Marks says:

    50K-60K…ahem…outpricing the market much??!!! €$

  36. f5tornadeau says:

    My dad has a pair of '76 Eldorados that run, look, and sound great. He's had them since '88 when he got tired of always needing to work on his 50's Pan. That bike in the video sounds like trash. I'm sure you guys will sell these to your douchey hipster friends, but I don't see any real motorcycle person having any interest in one. 60 k? Forget that noise. You can build a custom bike from the ground up for a lot less.

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