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  1. Sean Miller says:

    how did using this much filler work out long term? you have to pull it out and repaint? got a deep dent in my tank wana use bondo but dono it'll hold up

  2. thats allot of filler man … i would cut it out, weld in a new piece, and then put body filler on it. at least thats how ive done it on one of my bikes

  3. Jason Beaver says:

    Remember, only use automobile/metal sanding paper. There is a difference between sandpaper for wood & metal. Get the automotive stuff @ any auto parts store.

  4. Nice video and nice job !

    Thanks !

  5. Silk 68 says:

    U friggn know it alls R hilarious.
    Have u seen this guys work and videos. He has Raw talent.
    Look at his Custom paint jobs.

    His work is flawless. Everyone does it different. It's the end result.
    This paint isn't going to crake or fade anytime soon. Great Job !!!!

  6. This video is good for a diy quick fix only. This was not the proper way to sand, apply body filler or paint.

    A quality paint job lasts for years.

    Body filler can't be applied that thick. That's why it cracked in the first place. Also you didn't sand past the dent. Primer, paint and body filler can not grab onto shiny paint underneath. You have to sand past the dent. Anywhere that is getting paint, primer or body filler has to be sanded or at least scuffed with scotchbright. Also spraying etching primer over body filler is a no no. Etching primer has acid in it with is used to bite into bare metal. The acid will warp body filler if sprayed over top of it. I also didn't see any instructions about feather edging the body filler, which is why you probably had to use a sprayable acrylic putty to cover your horrible bodywork. Acrylic putty is also a no no. It's old technology that is no longer used because they didn't have anything better back in the day. Acrylic putty shrinks over time in the sun. Causing cracking, waves, pinholes to reappear, etc.

  7. Enis Baysal says:

    Youve motivated me to give this a go! I love the detail! wish me luck. Just need to get a colour match paint to my fairings

  8. why didn't you pull the dent out before adding 5lbs of bondo.?

  9. Wow great vid guy, but the transcripts to this was amazing.  Read through the whole thing with my wife laughing the entire time…check it out…its the link next to "add to"

  10. Kelvin S says:

    Nice Video.  Also love the Ute!

  11. nice sir and fantastic thanks 

  12. Tanya Boo says:

    hello, did u sand in between each final lime green spray coats?

  13. no body says:

    I love the channel, but holy shit that's a lot of plastic! why didn't you take some of the dent out with a stud gun or something? also you need to do a video of a spot job with spray cans using factory metallic paint. I painted some of my 97 prelude using these spray cans but my dad bumped a curb so now I have to fix it and don't have a shop or gun. any suggestions? the color is eucalyptus metallic green pearl (Honda factory color)

  14. Ryzan Azman says:

    Nice tutorial.. I need tips from the experts. What clear coat can prevent damage from petrol spill? Pls help.

  15. Thanks a lot for this video, was really handy, my tank came out really nicely, did my primer this afternoon, and will do my final coat in the next couple of days after sanding etc. Legendary mate, thanks a lot.

  16. i bought mine at super cheap, could get it at repco also, mine is a high heat paint, i dont think it matters that much, maybe takes longer to cure, but i bought it mainly for my engine, i think they would have normal enamel also

  17. peteninja24 says:

    great job where would i buy the enamel paint in a can here in australia

  18. kneewall49 says:

    Dave, (I enjoy the videos). One question, if you need to use enamel on a bike's tank, I assume that you need to use enamel on the rest of it for safety from petrol spi of it

  19. Citybikeman says:

    Yes, you can clear coat over the finish. The only clear that I know is resistant to gas is what comes with a hardener and has to be mixed just before spraying. You will need a spray gun and a compressor to do the job. Nothing out of a can is resistant to gas that I know of. It needs to be catalyzed.

  20. jaypo7 says:

    Ah I see, will have to do some more research on that because I did do a quick search to check if they are different before you said it but I found the same products listed as both putty/filler primer. Might be a topic for a video!?

    Between you and mighty car mods I'm being kept busy! Thanks mate.

  21. Oh yes that was a different product. Spray putty and filler primer are different. Thanks

  22. jaypo7 says:

    Thanks for the reply mate. I'll remember that for future projects. What I actually meant was in that in your old video "spraying plastic engine parts" you didn't use a primer again after the filler primer – you went straight to the colour coat so I was just double checking your preferred technique now. Filler primer is great stuff btw 🙂

  23. Hey thanks. Thats good that this vid helped you. At 7:28 I am putting a coat of primer over the filler primer (Spray Putty) Primer is always needed over spray putty no matter what your painting. Cheers

  24. jaypo7 says:

    Hi Mate, Great channel!! Fantastic Videos! I followed one of your other vids and painted my plastic engine parts and had great results. In that video you didn't use primer after the filler spray – why is it different with the fuel tank? Is it just because its metal ? or to do with the finish? or something else?…
    Would like to know… All the best!

  25. John Weir says:

    How many hours did this take? (work hours, not counting waiting for primer/paint to dry)

  26. whoybean says:

    I've never used spray cans to paint a motorcycle before so bear with me. can you still put a clear coat over your finish product. The reasoning being is, I have decals that have to go over the finish coat, and I need to clear coat them to help them stay on. I have another ? when I use a clear coat, what product can I spray on, that will prevent damage if gasoline hits paint job.

  27. Alex Michel says:

    Self Etching primer isn't used just on bare metal? (For what I know they have some acid in them, that stop rust)

  28. GeirGunnarss says:

    this is not repairing a dent, this is covering it up.

  29. Just do same thing if u want a quick fix body filler nd sand it

  30. Zproductions says:

    cool video buddy , just wondering have you ever gotten any dents out of the tail gate of ur ute lol ?

  31. oodimvale says:

    tudo muito bem explicado….e ficou muito bom o serviço…..porém você tem péssimo gosto para cor da moto(verde)….eu jamais pintaria(ou teria) minhas motos e carros de de cor verde….deixe essa cor para os africanos eles gostam muito…KKKKKKKK São Paulo – Capital – Brasil

  32. benny marz says:

    get ready to do this again in a few months when your 2 inches of filler starts to crack again …. the money you have to spend to buy body filler,sand paper,grease remover,primer,basecoat and clear is double of what you would spend if you took it to a body shop… do it right or dont do it!!!

  33. Hey you should use etch primer on bare metal. Yes this much bog will hold up on a car. I have seen more then this used on cars before.

  34. Wow – seriously great effort. I recently redid the front of my old van to remove rust – it looks not bad actually. Given me a bit of a encouragement to try and fix more of the old girl up!

  35. RaG3GaMeRz says:

    Hey Dave. i was just wondering what primer i can put on bare metal. also is it ok to put that amount of bog on a car?

  36. Wade Midgley says:

    Okay, great! Thanks heaps for the advice!

  37. Hey enamel will be good for rims. I would recommend using a spray gun because you can add a hardener in the mix. This will make it alot more harder wearing.

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