Remove flywheel/stator without special tools.

In this video I show how to remove the flywheel from a 1982 XR200R without using any special tools. I learned this trick from watching a video an lawnmowers …


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21 Comments to “Remove flywheel/stator without special tools.”

  1. Pat McBeth says:

    Great way to f it up, dude

  2. paul acabbo says:

    you'll damage the cases prying against them, with screwdrivers , it's not a cheap lawnmower your working there pal

  3. Reb Lewis says:

    wow…. don't ever work on my engines

  4. The Reporter says:

    You cannot be serious. For the sake of buying a puller you'd actually hit your crank. madness

  5. AutoMatic says:

    Hey i have a 125cc pit bike and i need help taking the 2 screws out of the stator plate but i dont have the money to buy a impact driver pleas help?

  6. Coek ga jelas videone, teori tok…

  7. Syk Omatic says:

    You can purchase a puller for $10 online. For that kind of $ it would be idiotic not to purchase the right tool for the job and use a method which has a reasonable chance of doing major damage that could cost 100 times more than the cost of the puller

  8. Kirby Reding says:

    worked perfect in 2 hits, thanks man!!! lifesaver

  9. Jay B says:

    Spend the $13 bucks to buy the proper tool.

  10. mastermilo82 says:

    Do'nt ever do that! Hammering on the crankshaft will damage the mainbearings if you're unlucky. The balls will be pressed into the running surface, causing small dents. It will work fine for a while, then the bearings start pitting and fretting.

  11. devin craven says:

    Where can I get the proper tool??? I checked all the local part stores and no one knows what I'm talking about!

  12. You just fucked your seal surface and crank bearings

  13. Brian Truong says:

    why don't you fucking show us if it works?

  14. hc243102 says:

    You've got to be kidding…

  15. Martyn Noble says:

    I need a way of getting this off without a puller arghh lol it'll cost 150-170 for all the tusk gear to disassemble the bottom end thats without the clutch basket holding tool and the price of new bearings 

  16. Boatman248 says:

    WARNING !! This guy is an idiot !! You will wreck your casings doing anything like this!!! Go find another same model owner and see if he has the proper puller, or take your engine/bike already like this to a dealer or Bike Shop, and pay the few pieces of money to get it taken off. They will do it within minutes and you damage nothing. Not even your pocket.

  17. CR2504life says:

    worst idea ever, sorry, dont pry a screwdriver against the gasket surface

  18. most horrible video i have ever seen on youtube.

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