Regular Car Reviews: 2011 Triumph Daytona 675

This bike will kill you if you don’t fear and respect the crêpe-thin margin of error between orgasmic adhesion and high-siding, ass-over ladder-piercings, though …


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  1. Scratch83 says:

    This may be the greatest bike review I've ever watched…

  2. How do you manage to use the wrong lose / loose at 3:41 when you're an English major Mr. Regular??

  3. Kenny C says:

    So what you're saying is that this is the Tyler Durden of motorcycles.

  4. Mark Downing says:

    Any Japanese 600 supersport from an equivalent year will annihilate a 675.

  5. Robert Sacks says:

    Revisiting this video 2 years later. Looking at the first two seconds.


  6. ASHLEY HILL says:

    Great review funny as and very true to i own one of these babies a 2010 model daytona it was my first sports bike to and i still have her and yes they love going fast hence 2 points left on my license yeeeee ha

  7. turbo311 says:

    Daytona 675 is so much cooler than all the other 600's. Why don't I have one? Oh right Street Triple R is moar comfy.

  8. RobSpeed675R says:

    First bike at the age of 24, 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R(yes the R). Age 25 now, 8500 miles on bike. Have low sided once at a 25mph turn with cold Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsas on a 40Deg day out in the morning 8 months ago. Everyone Falls some day, but not everyone is immature. in less then 30 day's my Daytona and i Will be riding at Circuit of The Americas for a track day. Good review none the less but as you said this is a bike for someone more mature. Will admit though i've done multiple motorcycle courses to keep improving my skills and plan on doing the Advance Riders course once i make my way to lvl3 at track days. MSF BRC1, BRC2, and ARC already completed but thats nothing compared to track ARC. Wish i stayed in Cali longer to do the lvl1 and lvl2 total control courses.


  10. There's motorcycles that are way more uncomfortable than a Daytona

  11. 4:17 Sums up most kids around my area

  12. SuzuRyderHD says:

    I rode a triumph once, that was enough for me. Way too uncomfortable for me.

  13. your a dumbass. i bought a gsx 600 for my first bike and it was a wonderfull choice

  14. love this! I've got a 2011 Daytona which I love. everything is true. should say if you're going to own one don't be a cock! that's what r6 and the like are for!

  15. Jon Dobitsky says:

    I have a 97 Daytona 955 it's by far the hardest bike and most uncomfortable bike to ride esp on the street, it's so good it's for sale

  16. RENEW says:

    … oh, I just subscribed.

  17. RENEW says:

    @ 4:30….. "His eyes call you a fag"

    I shot Pepsi out my nose (all over my Mac Book Pro)… Thanks guys! That hasn't happened since I was 12 years old… I am a 47 year old man, it was Father's day and my kids all looked at me like I was crazy.

  18. 600s are totally fine for starters; I started on a Honda 600RR, you just gotta be extra careful.

  19. lose, not loose* unless that was intentional.

  20. Prajit Hari says:

    get a 150 for two months and then get this?

  21. How to start on motorcycles: 1. Buy a used 250 sport bike or a dual sport. 2. ride a few years.3. move up to your comfort zone. if you don't learn it in a few years on a slow bike, you will never learn it on a fast bike.

  22. I get this exact year and color tomorrow 😀 .

    On another note: fender eliminator + rear tire hugger FTW.

  23. engasal says:

    I happen to have a 2013 Daytona from new. Daytonas are a faired Street Triples really, therefore it's really easy to ride and flatters you. But it's nice to hear someone say how stupid it is to take away your tail unit off. People are always like ERMAGHERED TAKE IT ERF, and I'm all r u thik m8? Women also love Daytonas…

  24. Ady B says:

    Please make a motorcycle channel because this is the best motorbike review ever… And motorbike people don't care about regular cars :P

  25. Anyone who thinks the Daytona is uncomfortable, never sat on a KTM RC8R.

  26. Such a good looking bike
    Especially in red

  27. Some guys choose to ride scooters, they want to ride motorbikes but they love how the air feels on their vaginas

  28. Abu Bakr says:

    None of this happened to me and you're not funny. Nice review though.

  29. I do wear stickers on my hat, I've broken 2 controllers this year, and I just picked up a 2010 Daytona 675SE today!!! I love it, and this video is hilarious.

  30. This guy is hilarious. I couldn't crying from laughter. On a serious note though, everything he said about this bike was right on.

  31. Obscurexxxx says:

    There is no reason for beginner not to start on 600cc motorcycle. Maybe not supersport but bike like Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius or Honda CBF 600 are good for beginners. You will just be bored with 300cc bike after a week.

  32. What if it's your second bike then?

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