Have you ever assembled a chassis and questioned the proper way to install and secure your rear axle? Or maybe you have struggled with axle movement and wondered how to correct this issue. This short informational video walks you through how team PRC recommends you secure your real axle for not only eliminating movement, but optimizing performance as well!

Kart racing is a dangerous activity and should only be performed by trained and licensed professionals. It is the users sole responsibility to determine the overall safety of the products they use. Obtaining higher speeds and performance from your chassis increases the risk of injury. Wiggins Kart Shop, Inc. and/or Phantom Racing Chassis does not assume any liability from manufacturing and/or advising its customers in chassis performance.

Customer notification…
Please note that Phantom Racing Chassis does not continue research and development on chassis models that are not currently in production. This includes any ongoing development of setup details. Therefore, any setup related advice that is given by the PRC staff on previous models is based on historic data and may be considered to be out-of-date.


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8 Comments to “REAR AXLE ASSEMBLY”

  1. CHIRODEA93 says:

    I don't hear you,probaly something does not work well

  2. vanceleeper says:

    I cannot hear you either. It would be nice to see what you had to say as it is sometimes difficult finding decent and professional explanations concerning karting.

  3. Nick Soares says:

    There is a "left" and "right" audio, this video is missing the right side audio, it might have happened during recording or editing 

  4. your stupid video broke my alienware laptop M17 now I have to pay another $3000.00 

  5. BODYAS2000 says:

    my right ear enjoyed the video

  6. charly says:

    where is the sound?

  7. i need help with my go kart back axle mines not made like that i want to know if i can put that back axle rail inside of my go kart back part to make both wheels spin and stop when brakeing if need picture i can get you some 

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