31 Comments to “Powersports Passion 1969 BSA Lightning 650 1978 Triumph Bonneville 750 review”

  1. Stan Fast says:

    very nice presentation
    seems a mistake to change shifter , oh well so few can think any more let alone know I'd they're setting on a beezer,, or not

  2. I love my 1977 triumph she did kick it awesome 750 cc was the biggest motor in that bike

  3. I should stick with the Singer.

  4. zaedlo says:

    The BSA sounds and looks so good, I had both Triumph's & BSA's in the 60s I preferred the BSA's

  5. trimphbsa says:

    I likes the way she got down to business when kicking that Triumph.

  6. Good video… thanks! I would like to be on top of any of those beauties!

  7. patstenzel says:

    Stock gears are a little tall

  8. thanks for the awesome video. i own both bikes in different year models and currently ride a Moto Guzzi. wish it had a kicker and points. though. thanks again.

  9. 7316bobe says:

    A woman talking about mens bikes just must be a FAIL

  10. Three beauties I think, all the years I rode Beezers or trummies I never ever flooded the carbs like that, TBH I hardly ever touched them…….Really nice video but for me I always loved the A10 super rocket first followed by the Bonny.

  11. Awesome, I had a 72 Lightning. By the way, its not just a Mans bike as you put it, its for all Passionate riders, including fems. cheers and thanks

  12. bingonightly says:

    Both lovely machines…but that is not a T140E but is actually a T140V……Points ignition, splayed inlet head with mk1 Amal Concentrics. (The later T140E had Lucas Rita ignition and parallel inlet head with Amal Mk2 concentrics)
    I imagine now however that machine has had electronic ignition retro fitted as most of them have. It would take a very keen masochist to insist on retaining the twin points set up in favour of electronic reliability!
    It remains however a T140V!

  13. Tim Allen says:

    Reading through some of the comments I notice there's some haters that don't like the idea of a female knowing about and kick-starting a big bad macho motorcycle like a Triumph or BSA. I think she's pretty cool young lady.

  14. troikagirl says:

    @Powersports Passion.@7.44 minutes…dry on floor under Triumph.@7.55 minutes….floor soaked in petrol.For fucks sake, I hope you don't smoke!

  15. mike read says:

    Why start the bike up on the side stand, it's the best way to fuck up the stand and frame.

  16. Glen Breaks says:

    Nice to see a young person who knows old Brit bikes so well.

  17. First I enjoyed your post. Quite some time ago (1966) I owned a 1958 BSA A10, the predecessor of the A65. Comments:1. I believe the BSA A65 shift setup was up for first and down for the rest so I think you took off in second gear.2. A tickler just holds the float in the carb down to prevent it from stopping the fuel from coming in. This allows the carb to flood. It is not necessary to press it multiple times. Just press and hold until the fuel appears and preferably no longer than necessary to minimize the spillage of fuel.

  18. she certainly talks about the Bikes nicely, but has trouble riding it. to me looks more like posing than souvereign experience. I'm surely wrong, but that's all I can see, here. I know other girls, but they don't play tough chick voice, moves, but instead are like everybody else, start the bike without creating a huge flood and ride well and fast, one or the other even races well faster that I could, all without that kind of posing.

  19. BillCompo says:

    A chick that knows that much about British motorcycles is sexy as hell in my book.

  20. jimbob500e says:

    Heave that kickstarter baby, rip those ovaries from their stems, no kids.

  21. jimbob500e says:

    Well if you sell the bikes you might afford some new jeans

  22. Buddy Cooper says:

    Cool bike and a cool chick the best of both worlds.

  23. Jack LINDEN says:

    well, she's not very feminine. for a dream woman. 😊

  24. Ihbass says:

    Lovly, but jeez dont kick it on the side stand..that poor frame!

  25. farric1 says:

    She's my dream women…smart, businesslike, knowledgeable about Britbikes and she is very sexy indeed. SMH! She's gay! What a waste! That's life!

  26. mr gruff says:

    good old triumph tappets lol.

  27. ding bat says:

    shes a babe I aint talking about the bikes? this girl knows her stuff? very clever girl?

  28. Alan Cox says:

    "There are no facts. Only opinions" I like the look of late 60's (make that 68/69/70) Triumph and BSA twins.IMHO they went well and they stopped well. By 1970/1 the motors needed development…so they messed up the frames instead??? The OIF's styling lost too many curves and I do like curves. I like good brakes too. Triumphs do tend to be over represented at rallies though, so I ride the Lightnings to be a little different. I think A65's are fairly exotic. Mine are both needle roller/end feed converted for peace of mind. IMHO pity Triumph didn't tidy up bits like the exposed push rod tubes and rocker oil feeds etc when they went onto unit construction. Also the primary chain tensioner is a satanic contrivance at best. Just my opinion. My tiny BSA B44 VR packs one hell of a kick too! get one if you can. Check out Cyclone Eddie on youtube and see my band in action again after
    a 40 year break!

  29. Jeff Gibson says:

    If you need an indicator to tell you which gear you're in, then your modern bike is too quiet.

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