*PATCHED* SOLO Increase Motorcycle Value for Money Glitch Part 1 – GTA 5 Online

UPDATED VERSION HERE: http://youtu.be/lUgxA3unD6A

Solo tutorial for how to increase the value of any motorbike for use in the current 1.12 money glitch solo, WITHOUT any help.

Credit goes to DRObythepound420 for discovering this method. Check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/SmokeBreakGaming/videos

My Crew: Slickback Pimp Gang

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12 Comments to “*PATCHED* SOLO Increase Motorcycle Value for Money Glitch Part 1 – GTA 5 Online”

  1. This is legit on 360 works perfect thanks man saved my gta life

  2. Yepkarma says:

    Can you sell the other bike ?

  3. +Yepkarma455 Yes, you should be able to sell the original bike, but why bother? You're making more than what that bike was worth by reselling the increased value one. I say just get rid of it, get a car you really want in that space, and use my updated version of the glitch here: http://youtu.be/lUgxA3unD6A

  4. +Hustle Hard Yes but use my updated version of the glitch. Not this one. check my videos

  5. Ryan Dixon says:

    my character just drives over the mule -.-

  6. iWubzies says:

    U just lost 300k tho wtf

  7. +Glitchy Gamer Dude, your name is Glitchy Gamer and you don't get how this glitch works!? lmfao You make the money back plus more by the time you resell your bike the second time. Takes less than 5 minutes. Try my updated version maybe then you'll understand: *UPDATED* SOLO Faster Easier Increase Value + Money Glitch after Patch 1.12 – GTA 5 Online

  8. zham shack says:

    ROCKSTAR you fukin douchebags, u made the missions super hard now ?? OK OK so NOW Im Joining to the cheaters, exploiters and glichers, we will fuck the game in a way to be better for us so FUCK YOU ROCKSTAR

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