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  1. Michael Rose says:

    Very helpful, waiting on my wheels and spokes as I write this. complete restore on a 1966 ca77

  2. such a good video,,,, thanks

  3. Ronan Rogers says:

    Great video, and a very nice wheel too!! I love the old style, classic spoked wheels. I had many wheels built for my classic triumphs and nortons, akront rims and stainless spokes, but never had the courage to do it myself. I'm keen to try this one day, thanks.

  4. Allan ES says:

    Thanks very much for posting this video and also the one on how to true a wheel , your explanation was just the thing I needed to properly rebuild the wheels on my Suzuki DR500s , it made the job very easy and straight forward

  5. floyd green says:

    @oaky132x Is it possible to take a motorcycle wheel and replace the rim with a wider rim but still use the original hub? I have a BMW wheel that is too narrow for my taste and I would like to find another wider rim off of some other brand of motorcycle so that my end result would be a wider rim/tire but the same hub. Is that possible?

  6. Ivor Forward says:

    Thank you for such a clear easy to follow video . I have just bought on line a set of spokes that are 5mm to long, so there is only 10mm of thread contact length instead or 15mm because the hub side of the nipples are overshooting the thread on the spokes. Do you think this is a big problem or should I buy another set ? BTW, it's a front wheel of a 1952 BSA.

  7. spoke the universe or mi gold. ,expanding ho joke

  8. hot00stuff says:

    Oaky I wanted to thank you for helping me get my wheels laced, great video! I'm restoring a '67 Suzuki S32-2 and was stressing over the re-lacing job. Both rims got laced real quick thanks to you. Great truing video too!  

  9. Zak Zhango says:

    Thanks for useful video but surely drilling though the rim will allow it to rust?

  10. Dan Bourke says:

    I just used the straw trick and did my wheel in 10 minutes. I would not  have tried doing my own wheel before seeing this video. Thanks

  11. Drew 8119 says:

    Thanks Oaky. Useful tips, especially when aligned to photographs of my old wheels prior to spoke removal. Anyone watching this before thinking of starting, take some photos of your wheels first… as if you didn't know that already!

  12. Seriously got me out of a bind, TYx1000

  13. gellum says:

    god bless your cotton socks, I followed your video and laced my 76 cb550 rims. black hubs, black rims and stainless spokes. I can tell my friends how easy it was !…thanks ! thanks ! thanks !

  14. Get a box of drinking straws and slip one into each hole in the Rim, then over each Spoke as you fit them, you can fit all the Spokes without Nipples, and it allows you to move the Rim around as much as you like without any of the Spokes falling out.
    Makes lacing so much quicker and easier!

  15. Nice video! im trying to find stainless or chrome spokes for my 2003 Honda 750 ace. do you know where i can  get them? Cheers!

  16. Mike O says:

    What paint did you use for the hub ? I'm working on a 1978 Honda express and it's the one thing I'm not sure of . Thank you ..

  17. jamie cowan says:

    is it possible to lace up a rim like this to a 79 xl250 hub? 

  18. totalmente atrapalhado!!!! se fosse um aro pintado já teria arranhado a tinta!!!!! vou te dar uma dica coloque um raio por vez!!!!!

  19. dhj22 says:

    Never mind….I just found it.

  20. dhj22 says:

    Have you posted a video yet for truing a wheel? I very much appreciated this one, but your comment at the end stating that you would post one for truing has me looking for it.

  21. I wish I could find a shop that still did it, seems it's a lost art, and I'm on my own this go around. thank you!

  22. Just got done lacing up my 2005 TTR-125 (14" rear) as per these instructions and it worked out great!! Thanks again, wouldn't have been able to do it without this video.

  23. ideias1974 says:

    Thaks a lot, from Portugal, I going to try to spoke my 1960 Royal Enfield, Keep the good job.

  24. Invaluable info, Thank you soooo much.

  25. Hi Oaky, I wanted to know if a 36 hole vintage brake drum like the one shown in the video can be laced to a 32 hole rim. Figure the -4 spokes can be omitted example to from the left and 2 from the right side of drum.. tis is an upgrade for a very old dual purpose mini bike, any thoughts on configurations are helpful, the new rim after all will have its 32 spokes on.

  26. I like that at the 9min.14sec. mark, that you ran into trouble or was confused with something and then skipped to the end of the second row lacing. What happen? Other than that, nice work.

  27. rokkinhorse1 says:

    Hey Oaky, Thanks alot for posting that "how to" video for re-spoking. I've re-spoked two wheels from a Yamaha TW200 and I'm ashamed to tell you how long it took me to do it.
    I have a rear wheel from my Kawasaki 1500 with a cracked rim, courtest of a greenhorn at the dealer who cracked it on a tire machine. I need to replace the rim on that wheel and will probably do the job with some twisted style spokes from Buchanan's. Keep up the good work! Rok

  28. Jack Frost says:

    Thanks for the lacing video. Was wondering what you would suggest to fill somewhat deep scratches in an aluminum hub. And what paint do you use to paint them?


  29. oaky132x says:

    Hi Gabe, I get rims/spokes thru Ebay, try to get D.I.D rims/spokes, yeah from taiwan/Indonesia

  30. Hey Oaky love your instructional video, I wanted to ask you where you got the new chrome rim from Taiwan, do they carry all makes as I am looking for a CB 360 1974 rim and a Honda 550F super sport 1977 rims, can you let me know what is there contact info?

  31. oaky132x says:

    Thanks, and you're welcome

  32. djorkaef says:

    My dad had been trying for an entire morning to spoke his wheel himself, with no succes. Then I gave him this video and I took the dog for a walk, when I came back half an hour later, he was DONE. Thank you! This is what youtube is for! Brilliant!

  33. Geszti9202 says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I'm just about to restore my dad's old bike and i had no idea how to do this correctly till now. Thank you once again!

  34. oaky132x says:

    $50.00 is cheap…..and so are you…lol…now that you can do it you can charge $50.00…LOL…glad I could help…Oaky

  35. sebastian says:

    Hi, wanted to say thanks for this video. Really helped me out with putting new spokes on my 40 year old motorcycle wheels. The local shop wanted $50 for lacing, so i love DIY and saving money with a little help from the internet.

  36. KapteinOpel says:

    You should have glass blasted the hubs instead, then you could have polished them back up. I believe there are also acid solutions available for cleaning aluminum to new finish. But then again they dont remove chips and scratches, bondo does…

  37. Peter Booth says:

    Thanks for the video. A question: My spokes have either a 90 degree angle OR an angle that is bigger than 90 degrees. In the video you say that the inner spokes are less than 90 degrees. I'm hoping that you mean larger than 90 degrees, meaning at the hub end the spoke has been bent LESS than 90 degrees leaving that end a little flared out when compared to the outer ones that are exactly 90 degrees. Does this make sense? (I should have checked before I took my wheel apart!)

  38. cool video very helpful but sure wish someone would have mentioned measuring offset before i took cut off wheel to old wheels.

  39. col hughes says:

    building wheels is slow and the man gave up his time to show you the art why have a gripe? some people !

  40. col hughes says:

    thankyou very much for your time great vid

  41. Check out Canatomy or youtube 'The Guinness Care Package'

  42. Hey Oaky After years of searching for a Baby Dream in decent condition I finally bought one yesterday. An 800 miler needing a complete cosmetic restoration. Your videos are Great!

  43. did you ever do BMW GS wheels. is the principle same? Thanks.

  44. oaky132x says:

    @webmonkeyuk Thanks…comment noted

  45. James Cohen says:

    Really instructional video, if a little slow moving

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