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  1. JC 101 says:

    This was so helpful thanks

  2. tony kruck says:

    The module 1 test is in KPH owing to the fact the test standards came from Brussels !!

  3. manboobs says:

    talk about pressure I cannot stand people looking it's unnecessary pressure people who are waiting should be moved away , I nearly failed my hgv because of a dick watching me do the reverse manoeuvre when he was politely asked not watch.

  4. malthus101 says:

    This guy did it perfectly – I hate the figure 8, I'm gonna fail for sure….

  5. roythearcher says:

    When I did my "part 1" test, (before CBT and Mod1/2)) I remember the fig-of-8 had to be executed within an area marked out by cones not just around the two in the middle. it was much tighter than the one seen here and more difficult for bigger machines as you weren't allowed to touch the outer cones. To execute this without a foot "dab" required a high level of skill and 50% of riders couldn't do it. You would lose a point doing this but you had three to lose before you failed the test. You also had to go round 3 times, not just two. I lost one point in my test. Guess which manoeuvre caught me out???… :-)

  6. I was set to do my a1 test and the very next day do my a2 test..the pressure was huge and got the better of me and I quit last year…but this week I am getting a 125 dirt bike and and I plan to re-do my tests as soon as I become 'pro'

  7. opengates777 says:

    It was a easy pass for me I will do it with one eye.

  8. Lorand says:

    this is the exam in UK?

  9. Timbo osg says:

    Thanks, Helpfull! But could be some more explaining when it comes to changing gears and clutch etc.. :)

  10. LINTON1985 says:

    I failed my test today because I kept getting lost with all the cones. It's not laid out simply in my opinion. All the monouvers were spot on 😪 

  11. Alfred Cane says:

    Good video, Got my module 1 on Thursday at 6.00 hope I can pass it, Then going to take module 2 later, Going to cost me 725 pounds,

  12. Thanks for the video, really helpfull. Much much better than dsa videos

  13. Kester 135 says:


  14. Glen Pierce says:

    Got my Part 1 on weds. Shitting it a bit, but the training's good. Part 2 on fri.

  15. longest username ever, so epic

  16. baza o says:

    that was helpful thanks dude

  17. John Slavin says:

    Really useful, thank you. 

  18. This whole mod 1 mo2 CBT palava is just an excuse for anti bike discrimination. Why don't car drivers have to do off road maneuvering tests and then be limited to an under powered car for up to 2 years then, have to do the whole tests all over again. Lets face it most car bike accidents are due to car drivers not looking properly.
    If this was implemented we would all be safer on the roads the NHS would save a fortune and fewer lives would be ruined by careless badly trained motorists. Imagine the screaming and crying from the car lobby, if car drivers had to undergo the sort of jumping through hoops motorcyclists are subjected to. And remember bikes are "greener" than cars, yet another good reason for encouraging bike use, or at least providing a level playing field for bikers. 

  19. Anomaly says:

    Can you spare me a lot of bollocks and just give me a licence if I pay for it? Thanks

  20. fred bloggs says:

    thanks passed the part 🙂 just part two now , so close yet so far away 🙁

  21. Not exactly sure, but i9f you look on the DSA website there will be a PDF document with all the measurements on it.

  22. Always get lessons with a fully insured, professional motorcycle training school. Anything else is just asking for trouble.

  23. Try not to be nervous, you just need to relax and show the examiner how good you are 🙂

  24. Paul Johnson says:

    are lessons needed for this test or is practicing with cones enough

  25. fred bloggs says:

    how far is the avoidance gate from the speed gate ? thanks for any help

  26. Don't worry it was only a mock test.
    We do every thing we can to prevent people from hanging off the fence like bloody monkeys when our students are doing their test for real, but unfortunately there are some real ignorant, selfish idiots out there!! 🙂

  27. kdeeuk says:

    good vid
    but i feel that having people waiting outside the gate
    could make people a bit nervous and put them off
    it would be better if they where waiting inside i think,

  28. Dragging the back brake all the time whilst doing slow control on a motorcycle or scooter will help you burn out the clutch, oval the rear drum on drum brakes or even crack the rear disc when they overheat from too much use.
    To be in full control of your bike at slow speeds you need to "match" the throttle and the clutch together, you CAN use the back brake to slow the bike down if you go to fast, but it should not be used all the time.
    Speak to a professional M/C instructor.

  29. someone told me that you have to drag the back brake while doing slow speed control, is this wrong or is it only for mopeds?

  30. For anyone that took the "Old" A2 test (before 19/01/2013)
    To have the 25kW marker removed from your licence you may need to pay a £20 fee but we have had previous students tell us that if you change your address which is free, then when it comes back (complete new licence) it may have the marker removed?
    Please let us know how you get on

  31. No, Module 1 is the manouevers part & Module 2 is the on road part of the bike test.
    A1 & A2 are the new categories of motorcycle licence. Have a look on our website & it explains all of the differences between them, it mainly all to do with your age though.

  32. mark says:

    hey i was just wondering my 2 year are up now and ive removed my restriction am i meant to send off my licence to remove the a1 thing? for 33 bhp to go off ?.

  33. Andy Kelly says:

    Very good advice for anyone going for their Mod 1. Treat every section as an individual test. That's what helped me to pass with zero faults. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  34. Andy Kelly says:

    Last update. Passed my Mod 2 today with 4 minor faults. 2 were no indicators, 1 was forgetting a shoulder check changing lanes and 1 was for hesitation at a junction. I thought 5 mins into my test that I had already failed which kinda helped me in a way because it completely calmed me down. So thanks again for your videos. I can finally ride my YZF 600r with a huge smile on my face. 🙂

  35. Andy Kelly says:

    Thanks for the reply. I am very pleased to say that I passed this morning with no faults. 🙂

    I have my Mod 2 test next Wednesday.

    Your videos helped me heaps and I thankyou!

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