New 2016 Thruxton R road test ride & review – The best Triumph Bonneville motorcycle? team member, Ade, takes out the new 2016 Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R for a ride, test and walkaround. Is it actually Beauty AND …


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14 Comments to “New 2016 Thruxton R road test ride & review – The best Triumph Bonneville motorcycle?”

  1. Jay Chu says:

    Wtf is that English? Lol

  2. You say the spedo and tac are analog, but on startup they do a POST. How does that work?

  3. Pillokun says:

    slick, but I would rather have the showa fork and öhlins rear shox in chrome 😛 otherwise the best looking bike in the world.

  4. Triumph sure did a great job with this one. I think the "R" to be the most impressive of all the new one's I've seen so far. I really njoyed the video. Jay

  5. robofthewest says:

    Muffled audio (voice commentary).

  6. antonoat says:

    Great video as usual, my freshly cracked open beer helped me deal with your obvious discomfort, lol. She sounds very nice!

  7. By the way, that silver one in the window is also an R! 🙂 I have one!

  8. To answer your question – YES! :-)

  9. How is it compared to your speedy?

  10. midas61 says:

    Why are you always in the wrong gear you Muppet!

  11. Ash Wells says:

    Great test – I was wondering if the low clips would be tolerable,and it seems I too would not be happy with them (I lusted after the fairing,but it requires low clipons – will live with a flyscreen).

  12. Peter Gunton says:

    nice honest review, triumph are certainly making some lovely bikes.

  13. hudsonrilke says:

    These are stunning looking bikes, pity theyre so expensive. I couldnt live with the clip ons. though they fit the scheme. My colleague has a 2014 Bonneville, all standard, lovely bike but it sounds like a modern jap bike. I'd have different pipes if it was mine. I know they've revamped it. Decided to do the 600 mile service myself on the versys, wish me luck ;)

  14. David Lauw says:

    Did you swallow your microphone?

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