Neo-Nazi Biker Gangs: VICE INTL (Germany)

The Black Flock Motorcycle Gang is a German biker club made up of former neo-Nazis who swear they’ve rehabilitated and abandoned their hateful ways. VICE Germany went to hang out with some members of the club and learn about their bigotry-free lives of crime and debauchery.

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43 Comments to “Neo-Nazi Biker Gangs: VICE INTL (Germany)”

  1. Jan Vermeer says:

    ein Verein von verkappten dicklichen Schwulen, die ihren Selbsthass nach aussen gekehrt haben…….

  2. ch So says:

    Nazis wouldn't have tatoos. I can't see why these rejects would be called nazis as they don't define themselves as such nor even qualify the definition. One thing is to pretend to be a nazi to shock the opinion and that's what you want as a reject, another thing is to be it for real with all that's following of commitment and lifestyle: discipline, clean look, hard work, cultural learning , physical exercise and ideology.

  3. Die Jungs wollen ihre Ruhe haben,und ihren Hobbys nachgehen…
    Und weil sie sauber und ordentlich sind,und ihren Club in Ordnung halten sind es gleich Nazis.

  4. dennis stein says:

    Fucking vice america shit
    That guys are neutral not racist

  5. homerun443 says:

    I am getting sick and tired of all these Vice documentaries in German. Learn to speak English you pieces of schnitzel eating shit.

  6. fordey79 says:

    31.44 guy on right ss ring on up side down on wrong hand.

  7. So women couldn't ever be considered true friends?

  8. Also, Frauen könnten nicht immer treuen Freunden angesehen werden?

  9. east gates says:

    your gang is stupid lol 7 members strong hahaha one member for each day

  10. Can someone elaborate on "Government funded holiday " please. I tried the interwebs but showed up nothing.
    Didn't Nazi Germany have Government funded holidays or am i mistaken?

  11. EDUARDO ry says:

    jajaja que pasen manejando de reynosa a matamoros a ver si es cierto

  12. amir kruks says:

    racist people, i wish muslims punish them

  13. DCLXVI says:

    la drapeau aux Mexique

  14. Moe Lester says:

    Vice is Zionist propaganda.

  15. Neo Nazis are idiots. Real Nazis didn't drink alcohol, didn't have tattoos and they dressed properly, officially and neat.

  16. Anyone know what bikes they are riding?

  17. Battal Gazi says:

    This all rocker thing is so fucking childish. I want to see those "bad ass" guys in front of ISIS.

  18. This nerdy german girl is kinda cute

  19. iTzNoZiRa says:

    so geniest mann das leben amk

  20. why does it seem like shes trying not to laugh throughout this doc. Is she retarded?

  21. Chat was a great documentary video their minding they own business let the guys be respect

  22. Non la jeunesse n'est pas perdue,mais elle a besoin de repaires,défendre des causes justes qui ennoblit l’âme…….PAPY………

  23. Thor Asgard says:

    Such a BULLSHIT I've long gone as "TITLE" on a video seen!

  24. Leon CTO says:

    They are no Nazis anymore !! #fucknazis

  25. para que poneis el titulo en castellano y luego no traducis una mierda hijos de perra ??? a chuparla

  26. I can appreciate their aesthetic

  27. Bitter to me cuz im german 😞

  28. SA7AN says:

    so this is the kind of gangs you have in germany?

  29. lol the MC's in the US are more neo nazi than these guys.. they jus wanna hang out n cook n party lol

  30. Vice is full of shit, this is not media this is criticism

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