MotoUSA Inside Triumph Motorcycles

See how Triumph cranks out 200 motorcycles a day as Motorcycle USA tours Triumph’s Hinkley based facility. Get the full story at


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  1. Mark Kromer says:

    aren't the Triumphs sold in USA made in China?

  2. ajl9791 says:

    I love my 800..30k and going strong. Cant wait for the next 30 🙂 Brilliant bike…thanks Hinkley!

  3. Sean s says:

    i own a 2014 Rocket III Roadster- it has surpassed my expectations and for the money i really do not think there is a better bike on the market.

  4. Conrad Mason says:

    Annoying american voice! Had to turn the sound off!

  5. Legion Geth says:

    Made in England my ass… frame and engine are done in Thailand.

  6. Nite Owl says:

    I put 36,000 miles on a modified 2010 T-100. Zero problems. Traded her in for a Storm. Just put 12,000 miles on that bike. Zero problems. So some bikes are assembled in Thailand. Big deal. All engines are made in England! I'm just happy Triumph still makes motorcycles(A wide variety at that). When I ride my Triumph for some reason I forget where it was made. I just enjoy the ride! I suggest you do too. If it  bothers you that much buy a Harley. Good luck with that! Cheers to the men and women who assemble our Triumphs!!! 

  7. Alan Thomas says:

    I feel a little uneasy about foreign parts in a iconic British product, I ride a Triumph! a great bike, and I am British so: what have we here?

  8. sai sai says:

    Thailand is the best quality

  9. been in triumph shop today and yes they have T on vin [from Thailand]

  10. yeah I thought you could check but I have seen 09 thruxtons with j on em ,in fact I have seen a new bonny with t on it yet. all the shops seem just as confused!!

  11. turbo311 says:

    Double check that. If the last letter in the bikes VIN is a T and not a J then it's made in Thailand. I'm pretty sure all of the "classic" bikes, Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler, America, and Speedmaster final assembly is in Thailand and had been since 2001. Some bikes also start production in Hinckley and are eventually moved to Thailand, like the Tiger 800.

  12. turbo311 says:

    About 2/3 of the lineup are built in Thailand. But it's really not a bad thing. Quality control is identical if not better than Hinckley.

  13. here in uk triumph Bonneville [made in England ,carb models ,up to 08] are still available and reasonably priced. gonna get one!!! . who wants a fuel inj made in Thailand model??

  14. nsim955 says:

    Hi there.BMW do indeed have engines and parts made in China and in Taiwan,but that's the world we live in now.Harley have lots of Chinese parts on their 'American' bikes as well.In truth,most companies no longer make things that only come from one country anymore. Incidentally Triumph have built their own factories in Thailand and so have 100% control over quality and sourcing.The company is British,not British and Thai,Thailand has highly regarded engineers and highly educated workers too.

  15. "China makes some engines for BMW"
    Never heard that before. If that's true, then that's a shame b/c products manufactured in China, to put it mildly, do not have the best build quality. Therefore, I would be less inclined to buy a BMW.

    Now, having said that, China is not Thailand, so if the bikes are reliable and have a good build quality, then I will give credit to where credit is due (to the Thai's and the Brits).

  16. nsim955 says:

    Yes you are getting it wrong.I am glad to help you.Kind regards.

  17. nsim955 says:

    Why is that then? Have you never heard of Globalisation.China makes some engines for BMW..will you think of BMW as Chinese and German now?

  18. Z Vaper says:

    I'm going to own a Speed Triple R one day. Sick of Harleys. Had a Fat Bob and need something more.

  19. EpArRiTaG says:

    Tiger Explorer from thai (to someones) f*ck a lot germans b!tcheees!

  20. I'll be thinking of Triumph as a British and Thai brand now.

  21. colindb1809 says:

    @SwollenCranium he said factory. listen carefully.

  22. YarekBalear says:

    Lovely Triumph eye candy 🙂

  23. @ 2:44 "faculty" should be pronounced FACILITY.

  24. Am I getting wrong or are those bikes mostly built in Thailand?

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