MotoUSA First Ride: 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

Watch as Motorcycle USA takes a ride on the 2011 Thunderbird Storm. Highlights of the Storm include blacked-out features, drag-style bars and a hopped-up …


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19 Comments to “MotoUSA First Ride: 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm”

  1. 193322009 says:

    Nice looking bike, but the twin headlights are a deal breaker!

  2. Levi Walker says:

    Looks a lot like my 2011 Harley Davidson Fat Bob.. Not that it's surprising.

  3. ….what percentage of this bike is 'made in England' ? There's been a lot of controversy over here when it was revealed that Triumph have a lot of parts manufactured in Thailand and then they're shipped back here for assembly!! Those twin 'bug-eye' headlights should be replaced with a single HUGE one that's 12" across….like on a vintage Bentley!

  4. wheeler1200 says:

    After reading ALL the comments I say – fellows – before ANY statement go to the shop, test ride the bloody thing and then say something, And don't be so emotional about brands, like children, fighting to see which toy is the coolest one. After all it's not a religious matter, technical data and aesthetics should not be treated in a dogmatic way. It's all about free choice, and the happiness of riding what you want to. Get yourselves better informed about the bike, talk less and ride more. The road is open to everyone!

  5. Would a new rider be able to handle this bike I'm a pretty big guy 6 foot 2 and 205 pounds but only have dirt bike riding experience

  6. Greg Miller says:

    that triple is one to have hands down

  7. Greg Miller says:

    you ole boys that aint tried a triumph speed triple or speed four dont know waht your talkin bout on suspensions both mine have fully adjustable and they werk great especially that little speed four and well the triple goodbye honda see u later suzuki and so long yamaha but hello zzr636 thats only one that can hang

  8. brtjansen says:

    whats up with the fucking burn out. dont be a fag man.

  9. lakecrab says:

    I know…really it's a great bike…just having a little fun…The Meatball is a nickname for a Japanese fighter Plane, just playing along those lines. My Spirit is kept in the garage and is a polished trophy for me. It took me 60 years to get a bike.

  10. I dont know. I'd say it is a P-40. I have a 92' 1100, and if anything it is a rugged and reliable performer, just like the ol' Warhawk. It Just keeps pulling it's weight

  11. lakecrab says:

    I own and love a H S Spirit 1100. I enjoy riding that bike but the Triumph and the Harley

    are the Spitfire and the P51 of motorcycles. And, to keep the The WW2 analogy going,

    the Honda is well…a Meatball. 

  12. TheBrucehump says:

    You've obviously not ridden the storm

  13. EXPAT1963 says:

    Have some respect Triumph is the oldest Motorcycle Company in the world still in business beating Harley Davidson by 12 months!

  14. danny3571 says:

    if its possible to get rid of the radiator it would be even a better looking bike…….

  15. Alan Thomas says:

    Err? so where I buy an up to date Indien then?

  16. 85cezar..your reply is what I would call dislike something simply because it is american is the height of stupidity. What my comment was calling for simply respecting those who stepped up and served their country. What branch of the service did YOU serve in?

  17. bvivers..I find your remark that any affiliation with anything American is insulting. America has sacrificed alot to aid others in this world..more than any other country. As a service veteran I find your comment an insult to those who have died serving this country and helping to bring freedom to well as economic aid, medicine, and other needs. You need to think before you speak or you will run across someone like me . Do not insult our country's sacrifices to others.

  18. Mojoamazon says:

    Only thing I like is the 6 speed gear box, the rest…. I'll stick with the 109R

  19. We need a Suzuki M109R , Triumph Thunderbird Storm, Victory Hammer , Harley Davidson Vrod , Yamaha I think Intruder 1700 or 1800 Comparo ….Now that would be an awesome Video .

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