Motorcycles : How to Shift Motorcycle Gears

Shifting gears on a motorcycle is done by pulling the clutch, dropping the throttle, shifting up one gear and releasing the clutch. Practice shifting gears on a …


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  1. U Sab says:

    When or perhaps rather where i rode bikes the gear shift was completely different from this . It was all gears down so basically press down for a shift up and go up for a down shift , continue until you reach neutral which sits on top of sequence. Did that for so many years that it has become second nature. Don't know if i can get the hang of this shift mechanism.

  2. Or you just get a lesson in riding, which is what you need to do anyway If you want to ride a motorbike on the road

  3. FSX Urdu says:

    thnx for a demo but why all the gears ca t b shifter forward onmy?

  4. amzaddueng says:

    Your explanation was theory. u should have done in practical and SHOW – How to gear shift smoothly….. not clicking…. 1 question: For exampl: if i want to shift gear from 2nd to 3rd then should i have to move the accelerator down? or keep it steady or move it up? Please answer??? Thank you for the short video. I hate long dumb videos.

  5. how much presier do u have to apply to shift into nutral

  6. One thing.. NEVER hang your foot down while getting ready to up shift.  1:50 is a good way to get ur foot fucked up.

  7. My 2003 cbr 600rr doesnt ahow my RPMs

  8. ZoneKing says:

    He did a terrible job explaining

  9. dom pham says:

    what happens if u are on 3rd gear and youre stopping? do u have to hold the clutch shift all the way to the highest gear and then back down?

  10. It was to fast and I couldn't see anything I was lost 

  11. Thomas Stice says:

    So its exactly like a dirtbike? 

  12. knupder says:

    How come these "How to shift gears" videos all start with someone grabbing the clutch with four fingers?

    Don't take advice from this guy.  Holy god.

  13. Azz Levo says:

    Why's he letting the clutch out so slow when riding I just pop mine in and out 

  14. Azz Levo says:

    Why's he letting the clutch out so slow when riding I just pop mine in and out 

  15. What Im gonna do is rev it to the redline and drop the clutch .

  16. came for the training vid, really good stuff! stayed for the comments(:

  17. This is not exactly a sport bike dude…

  18. Trd Jason says:

    Basically it is similar to driving a manual car

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