Motorcycles History

A motorcycle (also called a motorbike, bike, moto or cycle) is a two or three wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycles vary considerably depending on the task they …


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  1. John Spencer says:


    A Britten 1000.

    ULTIMATE Classic.

    Hope you get back on line soon. I'd really hate to lose SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER to Russia.



    I Love you Red.

  2. Indian motorcycle practices were very scrupulous and unethical @ the early time of making Indian Motorcycles in regards to buying every model Harley Davidson had @ the time and dissembling each one, then getting patents on all parts Harley had not gotten. Indian motorcycle Company and others then formed class action lawsuits against HD for 1 million dollars. HD paid the $1 million bankrupting HD which put Harley Davidson in the position of starting from scratch all over again, ( FACT ). Now HD is where they are today.

  3. Twowheeler 1 says:

    Fucking John Burns from! Lol!

  4. Biker Tramp says:

    True freedom is a Harley, and enough money to enjoy life…

  5. RedMoWarrior says:

    Freaking cagers. You aren't living life if you don't go on 2 wheels. Motorcycling is scary but that is what makes it fun. I will always ride.

  6. Vw Taro says:

    I have a BMW 1200 and i have a Vespa,but i'll never sale my Vespa!

  7. BowWombat says:

    when onen8f em said youcant get the same feeling with any other vehicle,bitch please have you heard of a caterham and its filmed around the same time whe they were invented

  8. Thallium RC says:

    12:38 If you drop that thing your not picking back up LOL

  9. Typical crappy History Channel overview of a show that should have been its own miniseries. They fail to cover the fact that the first foreign motorcycle manufacturer to rival Harley for the police market was Moto Guzzi. The LAPD requested a large displacement bike to replace their unreliable Harley Davidsons. Moto Guzzi's V700 police bike came to the United States as the 1968 750 Ambassador. Lighter, better handling, smoother and faster than the Harley, the V750 Ambassador was eventually superseded by the V850 Eldorado with a 5-speed transmission and 64 horsepower. The LAPD and CHP used Moto Guzzi until 1975, when the Eldorado was discontinued.

  10. also that guy with the outlaw name is an idiot and a wimp

  11. one of the greatest american sports ever, dirt track racing, was left out WTF? It was a dominating force over nascar in the past on wide world of sports. no xr750's! typical mainstream crap. very very flawed

  12. PeterDad60 says:

    All the people insulting Harley-Davidson Motorcycles here would never say that around those bikes.
    1. The H-D owner could have you walk over to his bike and see that there is not a single drop of oil dripping anywhere from his bike.
    2. The same owners would show you that not a single part is loose or in danger of falling off.
    3. The same H-D owner would show you the odometer reading of over 25,000 mi to 50,000 miles without any problems with his bike.

    Lastly you do not have the balls, nor the physical strength and courage to spout your uneducated prejudicial options, downright lies and other insults a H-D to the owners face. You are the famous "keyboard warriors".
    I have two Harley-Davidson motorcycles and hence I speak from actual ownership experience. Not foolish notions and hear-say woman's type harmful gossip that you employ here.
    But hey, it seems like these days with gay men able to get married and perhaps hold each other in public there are a real lot of you fag types around. Not as many as real men that's for sure, but enough of you hiding behind your key board making snide remarks to warrant my post in reply here.
    If you still don't get it I will put it in language that you are used to hearing:

  13. IMP PP says:

    Funny how 90% of the documentary of motorcycle history is about Harley… :-/

  14. Logan Raj says:

    Where the F r the sports bikes? keep showing Hayabusa without anything to say about it.

  15. joel750 says:

    Learning and riding a Motorcycle is no doubt the very best thing that happened in my life! And it's true on the old saying goes; "Everyone dies but only a few REALLY Lives"- I have been riding daily for the last 18 years and so far, 4 States + Vancouver B.C. 2X + a handful of cities I have now forgotten….and I'm still riding. It's also true that Motorcycles Keeps you young…

  16. it seers. you're an angen. look shallow what's happening, iuys. 1!

  17. The oldest motorcycle companies were Royal enfield and Indian & why the fuck there is no info about royal enfield in this documentary.they should have titled the video as motorcycle history(america-Indian vs harley)…even enfield made military motorcycles and dispatch rider motorcycles and they invented the sidecar to carry extra ammo's and weapons.

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