A photographic movie on chopper style motorcycles.


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  1. shadow run says:

    love to see some live vids or people riding them!!! im a chopper girl myself, mine isnt neaR AS HOT, NICE as these bikes.. not enough dough, but love choppers!!! only bike or 2) u need in life.. lol

  2. Some lovely lovely bikes & very talented builders, awesome!

  3. 2:52 in my opinion, the most beautiful chopper there, and just for a simple beautiful chopper 4:41 but in the end nearly all of them are beautiful and an appreciation to watch.

  4. NR Leger says:

    was this a ugly competition

  5. Jinzy says:

    Love the bikes! Very nice

  6. Les Paul says:

    waw its a soh mainy peekchair of good motrsaykul.

  7. Jean-Paul says:

    volkomen krankzinnige maar geweldig mooi , enkele beetje overdreven ,maar wel met vak werk gedaan 

  8. Tommy Short says:

    13 seconds in is my old bike.

  9. zec neves says:

    nice bikes poor sound track

  10. Geras Trbone says:

    WOW!!! COOL!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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