Motorcycle Turntable Spinner Triumph 650 Bonneville T120RV

Living in the “Big Smoke” you don’t have a lot of wiggle room. I made this “motorcycle spinner” to ride out of the garage. Motorcycles don’t look good backing out.


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10 Comments to “Motorcycle Turntable Spinner Triumph 650 Bonneville T120RV”

  1. DAWN NAGY says:

    where did you get/buy the 24" spinner??

  2. Gordon .Mac says:

    Now , if ya wanted to, put a side board (or metal plate) for the kick-stand and you don't have to balance the bike to turn around. You could always put a small caster under it for more support…

  3. cmd247,
    If you and the bike weigh more than 500 lbs you will need to reinforce the platform further or use steel. Cheers.

  4. Chris Monita says:

    Awesome! Just what I was looking for! It's a complete pain in the ass to back my bike up out of my garage. Thank you!

  5. 67giacomo says:

    where did you get those mufflers.Love them

  6. terence20001 says:

    Real nice Triumph . Sound's brilliant

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