Motorcycle Restoration: Matchless MX2 Trackmaster

Sid Leitch discusses his Matchless MX2 project. Check out my blog at;


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6 Comments to “Motorcycle Restoration: Matchless MX2 Trackmaster”

  1. LoudValves says:

    what can you say? pure magic,thats going to be a stunning and unique machine.
    Great to see an update

  2. roadrocket says:

    great ingenuity and craftmanship brilliant.

  3. David Barrel says:

    I recognize the fuel tank of the matchless as one from a G9 model 1954 isn´t it?:)
    I use to have a G9 some years ago I love that design, chromed and red paint.

    Congrats man, hope to hear from you on new videos

  4. jonnyspurdog says:

    Hi Sid. Just found your blog from a link from the Motart site. Love the Matchless – light and powerful with a great simple tracker look. I don't usually like yellow on bikes but it looks stunning on this one, really eye catching. Can't wait to see it running.

  5. Hi Sid

    Love this vid. Love hearing you talk about your bikes. Hope your well and working on a new project. Please post some video if you can.



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