Motorcycle Oil Change Cruiser – Triumph Thunderbird

Changing my oil for the first time on a Triumph Thunderbird. Nothing official or a how-to.


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  1. Oil filter removal is easier with radiator guard of ,just one hex bolt at the bottom and also aloes you to clean the radiator fins out , love your videos

  2. robcig says:

    2005 Softail Deluxe. I'm sure the newer models handle better. I bought and sold a Road King after test riding a Triumph Thunderbird Storm. GREAT bike BTW!

  3. robcig says:

    Do you check the oil on the kickstand or upright?

  4. Well dude i did it, Lifted the bike with a lift had to sandwich a drain pan in between the lift. the filter was a bitch. Went to Autozone and got the Toyota filter cap wrench they were out of the cheaper on you had. Used a box end 7/8 on it but still a bitch plus the bracket that had to be removed. Thank christ i got 6000 miles before the next one

  5. Good job, i just bought a 2015 commander 1700 and will be doing the 500 mile myself. Don't you start the engine to circulate the oil before checking the level after the change? And two don't you either flip or replace the oil drain plug washer?. Just curious, i have a genuine triumph filter and just bought the castrol m/c synthetic 10w40 on amazon. Looks easy, kind of had it with dealerships!

  6. Thanks for the knowhow on this it helped me out a bunch thanks.

  7. Wonderful video ! many thanks for this moment….have a nice day

  8. Buddy, give that thing a bath!!! …. Love the bike though!

  9. vac0002 says:

    Nice job dude. I also oil the ring on new filters. I go slug and then a quarter turn. Ride safe!

  10. HoaryRider says:

    That looks very simple. One bolt & one filter- nice. I wish it was that simple on HD's. Cheers

  11. Jarrod Hp4 says:

    I'm thinking of getting one of these, I have a speed triple se now which is don't really want to get rid of as its mint, but if I did it could probably afford the storm.
    My question is, would you miss the speed triple?

  12. Is all that wood for outside or inside?  Pretty awesome your cat is always chillin when your working on the bike.  Some good tips on something essential.  I have never seen one of those covers before.  Good to know.

  13. Jarrod Hp4 says:

    Impressive stack of wood!
    Looks so peaceful there 🙂 

  14. 02bigkev says:

    Good tips. you tried to scare the cat? hahaha. RSM8

  15. Jack Walsh says:

    Another nice video! Cheers, Mate. As always "Da road rats rule"
    I picked up a new 2014 GTR1400 Kawasaki. The first oil change
    at 600 miles. Currently about 200 miles on the clock. All the farkles
    from the old bike, transferred to new motor. Applied new reflective
    decals and "Tech Spec" skins to the gas tank and panniers.  It looks
    good and bloody fun to ride. Cheers, Mate.

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