Motorcycle Luggage: Triumph Bonneville Saddlebags, Tankbag, Windscreen

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7 Comments to “Motorcycle Luggage: Triumph Bonneville Saddlebags, Tankbag, Windscreen”

  1. Srbog1 says:

    Thank Michael, I've been searching for affordable saddlebags and these are perfect.

  2. samir singh says:

    Thanks for the video, Michael. Can you confirm the size of your saddlebag? It comes in M, L, XL. I want to make sure the size that will fit best with my new Bonneville T100. 

  3. If I'm not bleeding at least a little bit after working on something I figure I haven't got anything done. ;)

  4. Do you have saddlebag supports installed or did you just let them hang? …. Does that tank bag scratch the paint?

  5. sleepyrider says:

    I'll echo Michael's comments, it's a super touring bike. I'd avoid the mag wheeled versions if you're 6'2'' however, they're more cramped due to smaller wheels and shorter suspension. I have a feeling the seat on the Scrambler is a bit higher than the Bonneville, might give you even more room.

  6. GLH03 – I just finally got the new video up with the changes I've made, new new cruising pegs, windscreen, seat, etc. I can't link to it in this comment (YouTube Anti-spam stuff, I guess), but it's the most recent one in my channel.

    Take care!

  7. Thanks! Having just gone 4500 miles on my Bonneville, I have a few suggestions: replace the stock seat (I'm getting the scrambler solo seat & rack) for something a little more comfortable. At 6'2" (I'm 6'), you'll want to get some highway pegs to stretch your legs from time. Also, find a windscreen that really works for you – I replaced this with a Plexifairing GT, which I love. Other than that, great for touring! I'll be posting a new video once the new seat's in the bike!

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