Motorcycle Kick Start: Twin Engine Triumph Bonneville

Nick DiBenedetto of Huntington Beach, California shows us how he kick starts his garage built twin engine 1964 Triumph Bonneville.


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11 Comments to “Motorcycle Kick Start: Twin Engine Triumph Bonneville”

  1. randombenj says:

    Pretty awesome, but let's hope he doesn't stall at the lights

  2. Now he just needs to offset his cranks 180 degrees so it sounds like an Ariel Square Four :)

  3. dinonoce says:

    Cool bike! That starting procedure would get old real quick though. 

  4. MrSlowestD16 says:

    Such an awesome build.  People like this have the real talent of bike building!

  5. MeesterDash says:

    you know he thought `thank goodness for that` as soon as it fired up

  6. Is it me or does identical noise of engine revs sound weird

  7. INCREDIBLE! As a former Triumph Tiger owner I had to keep blinking. Would only use that bike for longish trips due to start up procedure. Electric start feasible? 

  8. ariba hombre says:

    That's one beautiful conversion .

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