9 Comments to “Motorcycle Keychain Review – Kodakey”

  1. 1down4up says:

    is that a rolex watch?

  2. azdesertdog says:

    I wish I had that about 20K miles ago. Love the .38 snubby knife. That would send the TSA into a cranial rectal inversion.

  3. John Ratko says:

    Nice thing about my vintage Harley ignition is once the key is used to either lock or unlock the ignition switch the key can be removed.

  4. Pete Jacob says:

    speaking of motorcycles…. hint.

  5. Koda Key says:

    There are a few clarifying things I need to mention to new customers. I think that if you have plastic headed keys, you need to make a slit on the keyring side of the leather so that it hangs down normally like in my pictures. I should probably include an instruction sheet with each KodaKey. Thanks for the video and your help getting the word out!

  6. the "what the hell meter that is" is an Ampere meter :p

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