31 Comments to “Motorcycle Heaven, Junk Yards And Forgotten Motorcycles, Part One!”

  1. need cam–chain tesioner

  2. .Again ,TORTURE to watch Your a Sadist for posting my dreams on line. Living in Montreal , I will never find a ( junkyard is the last word I`d use) goldmine like this….. ,Had to stop watching . More GD TORTURE .

  3. good video but please use another music next time pleaseee

  4. I really don't know how to explain the passion I have for motorcycles, It seems to be a form of fun that gets you hooked forever, the way you set up for a corner then the power coming out, one eye on the road and the other one looking forward, great times…

  5. More like motorcycle hell, all junk. Mostly jap crap and other obscure imports not worth fixing. You'll spend weeks trying to find cylinder heads for a two-stroke or the reed valve for another. You can improvise, beer keg for a gas tank? I don't think so but you know what? I watched the video for a little while and I didn't see one single HD, Indian or any number of Massachusetts bike mfg. That's about all that might be worth something to fix up. I mean, who knows could be something pretty valuable there that doesn't need a thing done to it, you might even make it worth less if you try fixing it, but really I don't think so and if there was … Do you really think someone would let you in there to look if there was any good stuff left there? Not unless they're on their deathbed, but their lawyer might be near by and who says to tell him if you find something good? Keep dreaming, they have consultants for all that, never happen …

  6. stanleylucky says:

    great video!! wrong music. try meshing video with "hell0" by lionel richie song brudda. it's sad how these beautiful machines end up after providing such invaluable service.

  7. thanks robert de wit for the link to the farring site ,you really made my day it was by far the cheapest site i could have visted for purchase. i am so excited i even found more items to buy thank so much you are the greatest.

  8. sorry looking for a 1986 kawasaki 750 vulcan gas tank

  9. looking for a dyna wide glide frame 2005 w/ swing arm

  10. need cdi unit part # j4t101

  11. looking for a USA  farring dealership which ship within the united states and information can be emailed to me at meridyduncan357@gmail.com

  12. Need a complet set of Motorcycle farrings for a 1997 Honda 600 f3 also i need a gas tank ,muffler

  13. rustydobro says:

    Not my idea of heaven! Many of these (most?) were junk when they were brand new, (though I'd have the Matchbox at 2.24!). And what a terrible background noise!

  14. Where is the place of the video 

  15. shane mccoy says:

    Looking for frames…any make or model!

  16. UnkyGrey says:

    if you are going to run a wreckers yard for bikes they need to be undercover so everything doesnt get ruined……………pitted rusted forks are no good to anyone

  17. hey where ulocated???????????

  18. hi looking honda550ss1973 engines andparts

  19. Hello, I'm looking for a cylinder head for a 1989 Kawasaki KLR 250.

  20. Do you have parts for Honda duo 1 sir

  21. I am looking for a reflex reflector (right front fork side reflector and bracket) for a 1984 Suzuki GS 1150 ESE. I believe the bracket part number was 35956-00A00RH and the reflector part number was 35950-43431. 
    Size is Approximately 1" x 3" reflector.
    I'm  looking for the bracket and reflector for the right side, but will buy both sides if you have them.
    Thank you, 

    Please email me at Littlefield1963@gmail.com
    any questions contact Mark at 860-214-5086

  22. it really makes me sad to look at those beasts being rusted like that

  23. are any of the bikes in your other video for sale where are they located

  24. Andra Utd says:

    Need a running 4 cylinder inline 4 stoke engine only.
    Any brand accepted.

  25. Shawn Hall says:

    I'm looking for a starter clutch for a 1981 Kawasaki KZ250 D1. Any suggestions? Located in Ohio

  26. Need Left side engine cover from 1977 Suzuki TS250B

  27. need starter for 1985 1340cc fltch

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