Motorcycle Frame Build Part 1 A video presentation on a motorcycle frame build that covers the basics of a chopper …


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  1. Patrick Joly says:

    Now, I understand how my old viragos are made!

  2. Patrick Joly says:

    Very interesting video. Thanks!

  3. I've been around choppers since the mid-Sixties.  I've seen the disastrous end results of poorly modified (read fit-up and welded) frame components. I've seen everything from poor fit-up, to lousy welding, to trying to weld dissimilar metals. Be careful!

  4. Is there any type of chopper frame building software? I'm a 2 year welder, fairly decent, and have a future business, Andzulis Customs, and need to design bike frames so I can put that design into an actual project, if there is a software please reply and let me know what its called so I can start designing, credits will go to this website mentioned in the video for helping me find the software. Thank you

  5. arthur konig says:

    Please donate a copy of this project is my dream to make a mini chopper please

  6. inagod says:

    well done for a so called non professional.

  7. John Doe says:

    been looking for some quality information on how to build ground up frame e.t.c.. this is a fucking gold mine! thanks so much for making it and distributing it freely!

  8. Tim W-R says:

    Not a professional eh? Your a very talented speaker, thanks a tonne for the video!

  9. wow good explanation thank I wanna build ma bobber next year 😀

  10. ccguide says:

    Welding is required to fabricate a frame.

  11. How do you do this with no welding involved

  12. Ron JR says:

    thank you…..thank you….thank you….1000x thank you……

  13. AXDefender says:

    seb69king, Doesn't matter to me as long as your good at the welds and as long it's sturdy well 110% I say.

  14. Paolotubehn says:

    @fighteroffoo03 Thanks! I'm such a newbie, thank you for correcting me. So…is it TIG you're using to make the welds in the frame?

  15. Paolotubehn says:

    This is great stuff! This video doesn't say what type of welding is ideal for frame work though, MIG, TIG, GMAW or whatever…

  16. Rafa Falkan says:

    thanks for the info, it's really what i need it for the amateurs like me!!!

  17. ntstlkradams says:

    Man! Where have you been all this time?! Thank you thank you!

  18. Fantastic, just what I needed! Keep up please!!!

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