Motorcycle Exhaust – Different Styles & How They Work – by J&P Cycles

In this video we’ll look at different types of motorcycle exhaust. Looking at style and function, we explain how different exhaust systems work and why you would …


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17 Comments to “Motorcycle Exhaust – Different Styles & How They Work – by J&P Cycles”

  1. Synoptic 12 says:

    Excellent presentation regarding exhaust options.

  2. "The first two things we are asked are 1. What's it sound like…"And yet no exhaust sounds in video.  :(

  3. Antivorg says:

    Why does the first bike only have one O2 censor per pipe, does it not have a catalytic converter????

  4. unlockwall says:

    what is louder long straight pipes or short straight pipes

  5. Only cruiser exhausts are featured here

  6. J&P Cycles are one of my favorites on Ebay,thanks from Norway!

  7. couldn't you (or perhaps better said, "wouldn't you") do a Carburation adjustment (jet kit) to compensate for the loss of mid-range when going to drag pipes?

  8. Should have started them up for a demo. Thats what sold me on my s&s pipes, I could hear them vs. my stock exhaust on their website. All these HD riders with loud ass straight pipes, is really annoying. My bike sounds tuned, people comment on how nice it sounds all the time. They're on the loud side too tho. Just not noisy attention grabbers.

  9. What would be the appropriate pipes to put on a cruiser to get that mid range power and still get a nice deep sound? The drag pipes sound amazing but at that middle range they can really cause issues or so I've heard, any suggestions? 

  10. you dont got to deal with dirty chain…belt is made of lil kevlar it last a long time very strong…

  11. TheAusieKid says:

    can somebody tell me the different way of a belt then just the normel chain like whats the belt do that the chain cant i know it sounds stupid but i dont no a whole lot im just looking at my first bike

  12. subin mathew says:

    hello, can i install short shots on harley street bob with stock air cleaner ?

  13. Robert Robb says:

    Anyone try the Python 2 into 1 pipes ? Thinking of getting them for my 2013 Sportster 72

  14. Robert Robb says:

    Good basic info in vid. I didn't know FI bikes needed some back pressure to run properly. I was going to go straight pipes w/o baffles but know thinking 2 into 1 pipes for better performance, instead of looks & sound, on my 2013 Sportster 72. Going to change air cleaner & get a plug in fuel controller also

  15. Robert C says:

    It would have been awesome to see and hear the pipes and I think it would help new riders to choose a pipe setup hence adding to J&P sales. Plus making a way cooler video. Just saying.

  16. Jason Burkey says:

    Man I was hoping to hear the competition pipes on the sportster 🙁

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