Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Mix)

Nice chill mix by these American DJs.


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42 Comments to “Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Mix)”

  1. Tommy W. says:

    She sounds like Jes who sings one of my favorite songs called Heaven.

    edit: Holy shit it is her!

  2. Love you guys just always keep your eyes open

  3. Hello Guys I love all of you and I hope everyone Stands together as team

  4. How do you get permission to use a song in a video you make?

  5. Po Tato says:

    Shoutout to Lt. Vohra , newboy year recommendation

  6. this song makes me feel better in hard times it helps over come my problems

  7. Xadanar says:

    this song makes love to my ears

  8. dark lord says:

    Here from guy who commented this on a maze runner song

  9. larry meza says:

    yeah kelly, i think you'll like them

  10. haveancday says:

    Awesome song I can listen over and over again.

  11. larry meza says:

    just heard this for the first time today, love it, she sounds just like the singer for Flyleaf

  12. favor4afavor says:

    smack anthem of an RX generation

  13. MetricDreamz says:

    This song is in my fuckn veins <3

  14. fun stuff says:

    this song lets me go to my happy place…….. which is sleep

  15. this song will be played at my funeral

  16. Joao Jaco says:


  17. Thanatosbat says:

    Reminds me of Lucid dreaming and astral projection to infinity.

  18. Milk Man says:

    the song for the lonely drifter

  19. RaphSieg007 says:

    The fact that this manages to give me Newtmas feels even though Newt's not technically in the scene where this plays in The Scorch Trials is strange, but I love it nonetheless. xD

  20. Tdc Willies says:

    Stands the test of time. Holds up. Her voice is damned sexy.

  21. kaz9781 says:

    Armin van bureen mix is good as well.

  22. Melissa Ann says:

    we drift deeper
    and life on

  23. Bossy Tweed says:

    Scorch Trials brought me BACK here lol… I totally forgot about this song! Damn I had good taste in music back in high school.

  24. Ryan Dashnaw says:

    Try Springlady Chilltrance mixes :D

  25. Scorch Trials brought me here . . . .

  26. loved this for uears but there is a part in the maze runner that this sing plays was fuking amazed!!

  27. Tre Reyes says:

    waht the heck is the scorch trials?

  28. There's a coldness… in the air…. but I don't care….!

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