Mods vs Rockers Chicago 2011 Vintage Motorcycle & Scooter Rally

2011 is the 7th year for Mods vs Rockers Chicago. Not even a small fraction of the cool sights, sounds, people or bikes could fit into this li’l vid! See more of the …


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  1. jiggermast says:

    I think the whole cafe racer culture thing in the USA is just spot on!. I'm from the UK and find it highly complimentary.
    I can see no problem whatsoever in the Americans taking to it in such a warm way and of course they'll make slight changes of their own.
    As they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.".
    After all, I see plenty of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper wannabe's riding choppers at many bike shows throughout the UK and why not, that's great too!


    Goin to the mods rocker show june 1 in charlotte GOOD TIMES

  3. LeBartman says:

    I'm a mod in spirit, but i have a scooter and a bike.

  4. BillCompo says:

    Mod Music Was Cool But Rockers Still Rule ! (]8^ )

  5. Ezer Eben says:

    mods and rockers are good i like them both

  6. Gill Lyon says:

    keep the faith wasnt orig for mods it was northern soul in the uk u were either a mod modette or into northern soul both at the time diff now seems its emalgamated lol

  7. Quijanoth says:

    Sweet. That's right by Rotofugi, which is a rad toy shop.

  8. WTF is with all the mopeds? Mods rode scooters, not push bikes with pedals

  9. tavy3050 says:

    jesus christ america!!! get your own damn history and culture

  10. i thought mods nd rockers was only in the UK?

  11. orkospin says:

    Beautiful footage & clever editing…Motorcycle Art!

  12. Nice Bikes, Good Video & Good Music!

  13. Where are the Mods? Mods ride Lambretta and Vespa scooters – cant see many in the video. Looks more like Rockers vs Rockers!

  14. henrym203 says:

    Shows getting better every year!

  15. No Mods…..then again what REAL Mod would hang around with a bunch of bikers….?

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