THIS MOTORBIKE IS NOT FOR SALE.Put Ape Hanger Handlebars On And A Old School Mirror.


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22 Comments to “MINI CHOPPER 49CC”

  1. theagent455 says:

    omg ill give 250,000 for it buddy

  2. theagent455 says:

    or ill give u my buggati veyron x 100 and my 2010 ferrari enzo

  3. Ryan Hill says:

    @theagent455 Your a fag.

  4. magikrajah says:

    where can i buy one like this

  5. i have one for 5 years and the elitrict start broke where it send over the elitricty so im useing a key

  6. you fucked it up because of the handle bars

  7. i know where to get one

  8. Sturm Gaming says:

    Awesome Motorcycle!!!!!! Nice 

  9. XF87 says:

    They Go Anywhere from $500 to $1000 depending on the condition and the quality. The Look of the bike also can sometimes increase the value. if i had to sell mine i would sell it for about $1000. 

  10. DaveDrinking says:

    He's lost the gas cap already.

  11. XF87 says:

    I bought it second never came with a gas cap.if you had watched the video of when i first got it you would see that there is no gas cap and it has never had one since I've owned it.

  12. Ribbonista says:

    Hi do you have a manual for this bike I have lost mine

  13. XF87 says:

    Sorry mate can't help you there.bought the bike second hand and never got one with it.

  14. yo i have one as well mine is a harley davidson mini chopper dual exhaust same motor as yours it has the sissy bar head light turn signals horn and a key for the ignition my head light is yellow along with the paint on the bike. i checked up on mine value wise it is running $3k as what i have is a limited edition series compare to the other choppers made it has harley's labels and flames on the gas tank 100% leather seat and dual foot pegs 

  15. the pegs i have are steel flat pegs that cover half your foot and switches for the turn signals and such 

  16. Cameron Moon says:

    I have the exact same chopper but with ought the extended handle bars… What company made it? Mine has no logos or serial numbers.

  17. so no one knows what company makes this bike

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