44 Comments to “MCN test: Victory Vision, Electraglide, K1200LT and Goldwing”

  1. Gohma1234 says:

    that odd because the victory engine is fairly fuel efficient from all the storys ive heard a friend of mine uses his victory to Edmonton and back thats 500 km 300 mile with a vegas 8-ball i know the engine is only the 100CI but still i doubt that theres that much differenece in the gas millage

  2. Wow beautiful bikes! I want a Victory Vision XD

    Non-related note: what song is that?

  3. wintersnot says:

    "gynormous size and ugliness"

    he said it for me.

  4. Sergio Poska says:

    look "goldwing gl 1800 alpine"

  5. fofalooza says:

    I'm sorry but I could not understand what he was saying about the Vision's brakes at the end. I tried, really 🙂 Definitely not in the market for any of these, but I'm curious. Great vid all the same

  6. AikinutNY says:

    Is there an English version? Maybe subtitles would help.

  7. raywagman says:

    They are driving on the wrong side of the road!!!also that Victory is one ugly bike.

  8. AikinutNY says:

    Either someone can't speak very clearly or there is a serious problem with the sound system! Or that is just an obscure dialect. I am interested in the three bikes, too bad I can't understand what the old chap is talk'n bout.

  9. AshtonPhoto says:

    Right, we're here. Now we're going there.
    The bikes? Oh. Er, they're fine.
    Anyway, here's 5 seconds of amateurish riding footage and some repetitive music.
    These guys got paid to do this???

  10. 'sit at 90 mph'… dont you mean 77?

  11. TheScottBike says:

    Victory and ElectraGlide is WINNER

  12. cynic150 says:

    @AikinutNY He is from the North of England, I'm afraid. Could be a Yorkshire accent. I'm not sure. I didn't find him difficult to understand, on the whole. But recording audio out doors is not that easy.

  13. ormand3000 says:

    I don't understand what the fuck this dude is saying. English, mothe

  14. hunmanusa says:

    @emriaco "the bmw looks like crap?" You got your taste in your shooes. The BMW LT has the most graceful lines of all the big bikes, it is the Victory that leaves me confused. It looks like it was thrown together with lots of afterthought. It may be a very good bike, but it looks ridiculous.

  15. mattnemski says:

    Wish all these dumb yanks would stop moaning about his accent. He's from the north of England..which isn't in your country so you don't need to bother your little brains about it. Learn English…it was invented (funnily enough) in England. Word of advice too… watch American vids, they're more suited to monkey sized brains.

  16. That Victory is just fucking butt ugly, i normally love all bikes of every type but that thing is just atrocious looking.

  17. Mario says:

    Going over the white line on a wet day. That's what I call an expert NOT.

  18. jgalliher9 says:

    For those complaining about the price, The Vic is the cheapest of the bunch as well as the cheapest/easiest to maintain. I don't know where they get 130 miles to a tank. My Vision gets 42-44 mpg in mixed riding and has a 6 gallon tank. You do the math……..

  19. jgalliher9 says:

    Let me guess. The one you haven't ridden is the Victory.

  20. I have a 2012 Victory Vision Tour and my riding buddy has a 2009; we get 260 MPG tank to tank at a minimum! I've gotten as much as 55 MPG depending on the roads and riding style.

  21. It's too bad you passed on the Victory due to the saddle. Custom saddles are available or your can have the stock saddle trimmed and reshaped for short money.

  22. hassan aziz says:

    one of the best road review tests that i have seen. broke it down simple and gave us the information that was important, and non biased. thanks

  23. dennis wilha says:

    I have riden all of these bikes, i hated the BMW mainly because I'm not into the sport bike thing, its got great power and OK handling just was uncomfortable for me to ride, I am 6 ft 250 lbs so im not a small guy, LOL. The Harley handled well didnt have any power and the brakes sucked, the goldwing was great power, comfort, speed, and good brakes. I road the Victory at a local dealership very nice bike, after comparing prices i ended up buying a new Goldwing and i am really pleased. 

  24. dennis wilha says:

    I very non-biased reveiw of all he bikes, and after test riding the bikes this video is right on. I ended up buying the Goldwing for touring and I hank you guys for helping me in my selection. Doesn't matter what you ride, as long as your riding.

  25. ninesticks says:

    this is a great vid – i was thinking that this is what life is about pr should be anyway…i love road trips like this….as for the bikes…i have the cross country and it is tops and completely reliable (24k)…but for irish roads..my only experience over there….i would probably get a beamer too…

  26. bordone says:

    im sorry im having a hard time understanding this guy. 

  27. what are some custom options??

  28. Genstafa says:

    Who cares?
    No, really.

  29. Check this YouTube 5 segment series out if you think the Victory is not going to be as reliable as the Harley. YouTube won't allow a link (even to another of their videos!).

    Victory vs. Harley Segment – 1

  30. retepyam5858 says:

    When all is said and done the Victory caught the ugly stick, who wants to ride a bike that looks that bad! Their marketing manager and style directors must work for HD lmfao

  31. The Victory is beautiful! AWESOME BIKE!

  32. Actually, not trusting the reliability just cuz it's a new bike (well, it was when the video was uploaded) is a crap argument. Victory has proven they are one of the most reliable bikes on the road. 

  33. James Insley says:

    Would have liked to have seen more on the comparison/remarks of the bikes, and less on your talk of the trip, how cold it was, price of hotels and other crap. I have rode all of those bikes and I think you did a good job on your review. 

  34. Yossi Allen says:

    My LT does 450km on a tank full. It's been around the globe with my wife and I on it originally having been bought in New Zealand and now in Latvia. It's powerful, purposeful and after all the bikes I have had and test ridden, it's only the BMW K1200LT for me……in this class of motorcycle of course.

  35. 2014 VICTORY Has a track record of reliable bikes. So would you now go for the Victory? I would! 

  36. DolleHengst says:

    BMW K1600 GTL any day!

  37. vaidotas86 says:

    this is filmed with potato

  38. FR says:

    All these bikes in the test are very good bikes and well engineered. It is only brand-fanatics with bad attitude that write stupid comments.

  39. The Victory Vision is one of those bikes that is either gorgeous or it's the ugliest thing you've ever seen.  There is no middle ground.  The more I learn about the Victory line of motorcycles, the more I want one.  This coming from a Harley guy.  The Harley technology hasn't changed in decades.  The statement at the end when he said that the Victory hasn't got a track record yet is completely false.  Victorys have been very reliable from day one.  They have been well thought out and engineered.  I have heard some horror stories about every manufacture.  Now as far as Harleys are concerned, they are a high maintenance bike.  They always have been.  I think you'll agree that the Victory line of bike wins hands down when stack up against any bike, if you take the time to look at the specifications and dyno testings.  With that said,  buy what you like man.  It's your money.  It's your bike.  Live for you.  Ride for you.  Ride on and ride safe.

  40. Zach Fry says:

    he needs to talk more about the bikes and less about his itenerary IMO

  41. elmer kemp says:

    they are huge  so is the new Indian I went and looked at them and it amazed me how big they are.

  42. 13v950 says:

    God shoot me! So boring on a whole different level!

  43. You should stick to writing newspapers. MCN are truly the worst video producers. That was awful.

  44. Livinrawguy says:

    Could careless where your riding want to simply know about the bikes.  In my honest opinion the Victory is gorgeous modern design and technology.  The rest of them are simply dated and old school.  Seriously you got a V-Twin putting out more power than Honda's 6 cylinder they need to rectify this make a V-Twin GW.  The reality is most of Hondas bells and whistles you will only use on a long trip, Harleys tend to be unreliable and expensive to maintain the BMW is the same realm everyone knows this.  I do not even have a bike right now but have done enough research to know that Victory is by far the best motorcycle manufacturer on the market in my opinion.  Also one of the reasons you do not see many used Victories up for sale people keep them not like Harley's.

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