3 Comments to “Maya / Quixel tutorial : How to create an embossed Indian Motorcycle logo”

  1. James McLean says:

    Good stuff, Mike 🙂

    How about a motorcycle helmet tutorial?



  2. Toni Pala says:

    Thanks man.

    UV texturing is my achilles heel.
    You make it easy.
    Even if I have to watch this video a hundred times, I will it 'onder de knie krijgen'.

    Thanks Bedankt

    Ik heb veel van je geleerd.

  3. Hey Mike.

    Could you possibly do tutorials mental ray render proxies and IK/FK animation rigs please.

    By the way thanks for the tutorials. They have helped improve the way I create my assets. I found better and more efficient way of creating assets thanks to some of your tutorials!

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