Matchless X 3 (998cc, v twin) 1931; starting and running the bike. in HD

Starting is simplicity itself, provided you know what you’re doing. These old British v twins have a technique all their own. You’ll love the sound it makes! If you want to see me riding it take a look at my other videos. My Youtube channel is : drallanhunter.


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  1. They were the 'superbikes' of the 30s, really, now we think about it. The Matchless was very similar to the Brough Superior SS80, which was THE bike to have, unless you could afford the Brough SS100!!

  2. very nice old bike…!! keepin' riddin '….

  3. hello arcanacelestia, you seem to have missed the point. 

  4. Jim Reed says:

    Wonderful, hard to believe it's 80 years old.

  5. gaffeltroll says:

    I grew up with old motorcycles. It is just as wonderful each time I see such a work of art. Do I know the smell .. it's something special about this. Thanks for the "video"

  6. Harley Davidson…EAT YOUR HEART OUT!! You didn't even have anything in 1000 cc in 1931.(936)

  7. alfa75gta says:

    Wonderful motorcycle.. I appreciate that you have not restored it. I fully restored my BMW R69S but now I almost regret doing so. There is a wonderful charm and patina about un-restored machinery that is lost when they undergo restoration. Thanks for the video, now all you need is for your wife to shoot a few ride-by vid's!

  8. flavio says:

    Que motocicleta maravilhosa!!! é uma das maquinas inglesas mais belas já construidas!!!

  9. mr gruff says:

    nice one,brit bikes forever.who needs a hardly able to lol.

  10. Hondapiloot says:

    Awesome sounding/looking bike, the sound is just awesome!

    Greetings from Holland.



  12. tuaguilareal says:

    the exhaust pipes are horrible. The motorcycle is beautiful, i want one

  13. Yes, those exhausts silencers were the best I could do at the time, made up from an old photograph. I can now find the correct ones at vast expense, but not the correct fishtails. So this is it for now. If you know of any please let me know.

  14. During the starting procedure, did you say advance the retard? Wouldn't you retard the ignition, and then advance after it's started? I had a Harley that I retarded the ignition to start and then advanced it to keep it running. Wouldn't that be the same way with your Matchless? 

  15. You are quite correct, Frederick Martin. The lever is known as "The Advance/Retard lever" and at the start of the video it is pretty much fully in "retard" position. So I advance it to about 80% to start. That's what I was referring to. Once running it is moved to full advance, just like your Harley!

  16. Hello, I just realized that I took a picture of this exact same motorcycle last Sunday at the European Motorcycle Day… I have already watched your videos, but didn't realize it was the same bike, until I directly compared the pictures. Thanks for posting these videos, I just love old British bikes and Matchless is one of my favorites. Best regards!

  17. I'm delighted to get your message flyfishingunlimited! It's the same bike. Best regards, Allan

  18. LOove my father had one until 1952,remember it well.

  19. CONGRATULACIONS…!!!  regards  :  Antique Motorcycle Club of indonesia

  20. Ben Summers says:

    That is a very impressive machine!

  21. Looks a very nice example, how does it ride?

  22. Meaca says:

    Amazing machine, I love it!

  23. Dierwolf2000 says:

    hi dr hunter, thanks so much for the vids! i do have to ask, out of technical curiousity, how much credit must be given to the decompression release, which as i understand it not all brit bikes of the period had? stunning machine all around, they sure dont makem like they did back then.

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