Matchless London – An Introduction to the Luxury Motorcycle Clothing Brand

British-based motorcycle company Matchless London was founded by Henry Herbert Collier back in 1878. The firm originally manufactured bicycles but in 1899 Matchless began producing motorbikes and the brand’s true identity was born. As well as designing and building state-of-the-art motorcycles, Matchless was one of the first companies to take an interest in safety by exploring the possibilities of protective clothing for motorcyclists.

During the 1920s and 1930s, the London-based firm developed their range of motorcycle clothing, establishing Matchless as the go-to outlet for leather clothing and protective gear for bikers. In 1933, an advertising campaign by the brand established motorcycle gear as a style choice and Matchless clothing began to grow in popularity, becoming a favourite with bikers and non-riders alike. Today, Matchless is a popular, high-end men’s and women’s fashion label and their collection features a wide range of fashionable leather jackets and outdoor clothing inspired by the brand’s long history in the motorcycle industry.

Given Matchless’s background in manufacturing motorcycles and protective clothing for bikers, leather jackets are naturally a key part of the label’s menswear range. The Silverstone classic rider jacket is a staple piece in the latest Matchless clothing collection. This four-pocket short leather jacket is available in a variety of colours, including classic black, a beautiful tan shade and a lovely chocolate brown. It really reflects the brand’s history in the motorcycle industry. Other favourites in the Matchless London men’s leather jacket collection include the three-quarter-length Donnington jacket, which has a stylish waist belt. For those who like the nostalgia of the Matchless brand, the Kensington jacket has an elegant, traditional feel thanks to its streamlined design.

Today, Matchless doesn’t only stock leather goods. The label also has a fantastic range of jackets made from a variety of fabrics, including waxed cotton, nylon and techno jersey. Perfect for outdoor wear, all of the products in the Matchless London menswear collection are made to the highest possible standards and have a sophisticated, masculine edge. The Charing Cross fabric sweatshirt is a triumph of fashion design. Made from cotton fleece and coated with a waterproof elastic membrane, this elegant coat really highlights Matchless’s ability to combine quality technical fabric with traditional heritage style.

Unrivalled even by the big outdoor clothing labels, the brand really lives up to its name with this latest collection, which boasts a fantastic selection of waxed jackets. The Matchless Streetfarer and Roadfarer have a stylish, industrial feel, emphasising their roots in the motorcycle industry. With plenty of pockets and an elegant waist belt, these three-quarter-length jackets are a practical choice for winter wear, whether you’re heading off on a country walk or hanging out in the city.

In addition to some fantastic outerwear, Matchless also stocks a selection of stylish accessories to wear under leather jackets or while maintaining your bike. The label’s cosy pullovers are great for biking during the chilly winter months but are also elegant enough for everyday wear. The stylish courier bag is another top choice and will work with jeans and a t-shirt as well as with smarter attire.

There is no doubt that Matchless has brought its long tradition of technical and design expertise to its current menswear collection, which features a wide variety of quality pieces. Matchless leather jackets and outdoor coats are a stylish choice and are as fashionable as they are practical, while the label’s jumpers and padded gilets will help to keep out the chill on frosty days. The timeless pieces in the Matchless collection are really built to last, making them an ideal investment for your autumn and winter wardrobe.

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