25 Comments to “Loudest Bike in Kochi Competition”

  1. Sherry Singh says:

    If they had a royal enfield electra.I think the audience's would complain of too much noise pollution 😀 😀 BULLET

  2. instead of loudest sound which sound is appealing to hear should be the competetion,waste fellows dont keep nuisance competetions

  3. Sumukh Bhat says:

    13 ways to ruin your bike.

  4. Abilan Racer says:

    Hope cops are waiting outside to catch em😋

  5. loudest bike ? huh who chose the theme …not cool at all

  6. amrit singh says:

    standard buĺlet 350 old model will beat them all

  7. Hayabusa ne sab k fad deni thi..

  8. hey guys whats the back ground music?

  9. Pradeep B says:

    this is so shitty not even a burn out…how does sound matter on a stock bike…if it was custom made it would still be understanable..but then decibels doesnt matter the quality matters

  10. put a bullet with Punjabi silencer

  11. when people dont get gf they start faking theirs bikes or cars engine. it was an example

  12. Harish D says:

    best surpass people in Kerala

  13. shyamjith vs says:

    fuck loudest … there is No Rxz

  14. Competition to fuck the engines… U dumb asses, the beasts r crying…

  15. Sound like a big promotion for those bike brands!!

  16. They are killing the engines

  17. The bikes are shouting like please get me out of here

  18. bullet will be enough for them

  19. some motherfuckers have arrived without wearing the helmet… n it's a bike show… n cud someone tell these assholes.. both the riders n the organisers that these machines aren't to be revved like this while in neutral… the engine gets seriously fucked… dumbass retards

  20. Was it a "let's make some noise pollution day'? Bikes are meant to race and flaunt.Why would any one compete in such competition??

  21. Kush Rai says:

    RIP….the bikers and the Host and their bikes.

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