Kriega Hydro 3 Hydration Backpack Review at

Kriega Hydro 3 Hydration Backpack Review …


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  1. Jeremy Hayes says:

    I just got one of these from Revzilla and the bite valve leaks a lot. Any one else have problems with this?

  2. "can it send to indonesia if i buy it bro??

  3. Jay Calica says:

    Are they any storage compartments to hold keys,wallet, cell phone???

  4. I have a couple of questions:
    1: Can this be used for larger people?
    2: Do you have to bite the nozzle or can you just suck on it like a straw? (For some in our our group the bitting of it would be hard as they wear dentures)
    3: Is there one that you carry that you don't have to bite down on?

    For the questions asked, if you have one different that would work better for our touring trips let me know-We average 3-4 coast to coast trips a wear.
    Thanks for you help.

  5. Hagz says:

    What are the odds that this backpack uses the exact same parts in the hydration pack as my Scott Radiator backpack! I had no idea how to use hydration packs and and I just thought by a longshot that this video would help figure it out, turns out i didn't know you have to BITE the nozzle to access the liquid XD
    Well, thumbs up RevZilla you've saved me from taking a trip to the store and looking silly yet again!

  6. Can the hydro pack be removed and the space inside also somewhat acts as a mini backpack at times?

  7. madsamoan26 says:

    Can i put gatoraide in it?

  8. tom blok says:

    can this kriega hydro 3 been worn over a leather suit?

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