Juliet 1970 Triumph Bonneville bobber

first start up in 6-8 months, carbs were nasty. THIS IS NOT MY BIKE.


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  1. mr gruff says:

    fucks sake ,fit a choke they were put on for a reason.

  2. Hello. absolutely beautiful bike. Is that a whole new custom frame or is it original front and after market hardtail. thanks

  3. sounds like the voice of god telling him to prime it up a few more times… it does start at 1:10 though…

  4. johnny t says:

    Holy shit! Your garage looks just like mine…except for the fancy cars, car lift, cool bike, exspensive pavers. 

  5. sotwiztid1 says:

    SOMEBODY needs a valve adjustment….

  6. andy m says:

    Its leaking from the float bowl, you've just tickled the carb, it will piss fuel, thats what it does. Best to drain carb if not started for a while , Amals turn fuel green here in the UK, usually start easy after. Nice bobber, and nice Merc on the ramp.

  7. Sav1295 says:

    but when it's the first start after 6-8 months, it's normal that a bike takes a moment to start.

  8. Ethanol gasoline eating away at the O-rings? That would be my guess.
    Better swap out the rubber bits with modern replacements that can withstand the vile ethanol.

  9. mr gruff says:

    a triumph should start first kick.

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