10 Comments to “Jeff Smith In Shop Reviving his 1959-61 Gold Star Racer Number 4”

  1. Hi Jeff, really chuffed to see your still about. Thanks for the years of sheer joy watching you race in those golden days. Best wishes from Gloucester.

  2. husky500cr says:

    Awesome, hats off to the champ. I hope I'm still riding at his age.

  3. bertayoing says:

    absolute priceless man and machine!

  4. legend met him wen i was 10 now 54 :)

  5. live to ride – ride to live!!!

  6. TS50ER says:

    Great video! Man that bike sounds wonderful! Is this in Wisconsin?

  7. Go video him on the track you lazy bum! Its the champ!

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