Installing Hardstreet Slimbags on my Motorcycle – Triumph Thunderbird

Part 3 of a multipart series – Installing Hardstreet Saddlebags on my Triumph Thunderbird. — Part 1 – Part 2 …


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  1. James Taylor says:

    Thanks for posting. Ive got a 2013 T-Bird Storm. I have Triumphs bags and am not very happy with them. Ive seen the Hard Streets on a few web sites. How do you like them? How is the capacity? What can you and cant you put in them?

  2. BA Nomad says:

    I am looking for your opinion on the 22" long hardstreet slim/classic tour bags. Do you think they would fit a Triumph America?  I am looking for a larger set of bags for a 09 America. Would the bags you currently have fit on your former bike (and look good)?

  3. ChopsAU says:

    Any clearance issues with the EZ brackets?

  4. Turned out real nice. I checked out Hardstreet Sixers like you suggested. Now just gotta scrape them pennies together. Looks great. Thanks for the vid.

  5. vac0002 says:

    The vagus looks great! They seem to compliment the bike's lines nicely!

  6. Gurra says:

    It's progressing nicely!

  7. HoaryRider says:

    Ta-da. Done. Now your ready to roll. Test ride with new bags has to have a video review. Hint. Cheers. 🙂 rsmf.

  8. They look good buddy, was they as hard to fit as i said they'd be? do you mind me asking if you know the width of your bikes back end now as there's not much between the Triumph Thunderbird and the 1300 Midnight Star in width, RSMF.

  9. 02bigkev says:

    That is one beautiful looking bike. great slimbags looks good

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