Inspiration | 2016 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

What do you get from running with a different crowd? Let’s just call it inspiration.

The 2016 #FortyEight, #Iron883, and #HDStreet.


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  1. The song is awesome! What's the name?

  2. Abryx says:

    you told casey to get off the sidealk

  3. chap 117 says:

    All the negative comments are from people that cant afford one, i got mine do you uuuummm no, keep riding that cheap plastic foreign junk.

  4. ronleon62 says:

    I'll get a Harley as soon as I become old and fat.

  5. Night Rider says:

    These bikes look great but in person they are tiny, slow,and only ride one.You would be better off buying a sportbike and a bigger Harley down the line.

  6. Essa foi a Harley mais top que eu já andei !! Muito boa ! Muito leve ! Shows

  7. I can't even begin to describe how fucking gay this is.

  8. What model helmet is he wearing at the 0:05 mark? Is the mirror shield an accessory to the helmet?

  9. cenk tekiner says:

    EICMA stand was a huge disappointment. Wtf were you thinking when you brought a light brown seated sportster? It was gross!

  10. If Harley wants to market to new riders they need to develop an automatic or dual clutch transmission. Only 3.9% of cars in the US are manual, but I can name only 2 dual clutch motorcycles. New riders are intimidated of the thought of missing a gear & being thrown to the street. I'm surprised after all these years it never crossed their mind to make one.

  11. Dragan M says:

    Harley Davidson is the lambo or the Ferrari of motorcycles? Does it really matter which one? Not really, the fact is that HD is the top in sales worldwide and that is why everyone compares themselves with Harley Davidson. Look at the Victory ads claiming their bikes are faster, which is not true. When was the last time or even the first time Victory won over Harley……never. Check out the racing stats, and not what Victory ads are claiming. Most winningest two cylinder motorcycle is the Harley Davidson, those are just documented facts. Google it! Ride what you like and like what you ride, is my moto. Ride safe!

  12. Top, Peferct, Sempre a Melhorr!!!
    Voando Com os Anjos….

  13. Carlitox b says:

    This man is the same from the porsches advertisings

  14. Why are Harley's so expensive. They are not reliable, behind in technology (air cooled) and look the exact same as they always have….

  15. MrJimmy1437 says:

    same old whore different lipstick

  16. TheMessage says:

    ATTENTION MOTORCYCLE RIDERS: Have you been searching for the perfect wrench to access tough to reach spots? We created The Spin Wrench you have to check this thing out! Innovation at its best! order on kickstarter today!

  17. Harley 2016 Roll Your Own Masterson

  18. Because a weak skinny white guy and fat Asian cunt encompasses the real meaning behind the Harley-Davidson V-twin…

  19. Chris P 107 says:

    hey guys check out my Harley Davidson road king it is a one of a kind just look at my channel, go under videos and then u will find it

  20. Is this a shitty 'Hellcat' commercial or what ????  How low can Harley sink ?

  21. Hey all,

    Check out 3 new Harleys under $12k each here:

  22. gmitrusify says:

    This music makes me want to get a Harley, and I don't even ride motorcycles! I like their new rebranding and the modern music, appealing to the younger generation to join, well done!

  23. Finally. Full face helmets on the riders in a harley commercial.

  24. AWESOME!

    They looked at the stitching patten on the seat of the 'Cuda and applied it to the seat of the Sporty!

    Lets stick some extra crome over the pipes with some slots in them that do absoulatly nothing at all except add some more weight and bling!

    Gee, I am going to run straight out and buy one just for those parts alone!

    Yeah right! HD if you call that inspiration then you guys must have blinkers on!

    You guys are trying to market yourselves as a modern hip company and guess what, you are not!

    Play to your strengths and not to something you will never be.

  25. "'What do we get from running with a different crowd?" // Hmmm…Different from whom?

  26. Bopper Jones says:

    i am not rich but very lucky to own a dyna street bob my 2nd harley, not a day goes by that i dont ride her goes to show anyone can afford one as long as you can budget yourself

  27. Same old same old harley. Overpriced crap with 1940's tech. Harley was stupid to not use the Buell motors.

  28. Does anyone know the music ?
    (And I know it's not "Darude-Sandstorm")

  29. Damn it! They got rid of the spoked wheels on the 48.. First they got rid of the spoked wheels on the 883 now this. I really dont like the cast wheels. The new wheels on the 48 look like copies of the wheels on the 2015 Indian Scout.

  30. god bless Harley Davidsons!   best bike in the world!   always has been,  always will!

  31. Love seeing that Cuda in there too

  32. can someone gimme the song details?

  33. IversonGR says:

    damn greece is making it so difficult to buy a harley davidson
    i'll get my 48 in 2 years,time passes so slowwwwwww

  34. ryanhayn says:

    Run with a different crowd, a crowd that's all the same.

  35. The Hustler says:

    Harley Davidson 4 life!!!!

  36. TheJoel3803 says:

    I don't understand that music, it's like someone tried to make dubstep sound like rock; really don't like it. The bikes however, those I can get excited about!

  37. peru musica says:

    how much is one basic? 1.2engine

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