13 Comments to “Indian motorcycles bobber burn out”

  1. 1955porsche says:

    KIWI Mike..master Indian Builder!

  2. i love how they just throw in a guitar blues riff out of nowhere but somehow it fits nicely into the viewing experience =)

  3. chad henry says:

    holy shit he damn neer lost it on that sidecar

  4. Good deal. I liked that bike. I saw it for the first time at Oley, in 2001. It was just a rolling chassis then.
    I'm the guy that made those tanks.

  5. Jim Jimmy says:

    Yep sure is. It's as good as new now except for a small dent in the gas tank.

  6. Isn't that Bobber the one Kiwi split in half a couple years ago near Death Valley trying to avoid a Dingo in the Desert?

  7. justandgaby says:

    Hey thats Justin at the very beggining On the bobber A.K.A. Mader
    Aww cool mate.
    Burt Manroe wouldnt want any of those parts trust ME.

  8. i bet old burt monroe would have loved some of these parts!!!! great work

  9. chad henry says:

    i would love an indean motor for my bobber

  10. justandgaby says:

    Awsome bazza.Hope everthing is going great.Take care.Strip it, then back it out half aw turn.lol

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