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  1. I had a 2014 Indian Chief Classic. The bike is a mercedez on 2 wheels. Attention grabber..steady…ample of ground clearence. Awesome machine. worth investing.

  2. Jack Kiroac says:

    These are serious bikes made in Spirit Lake, Iowa USA, their parent company has made serious strides to make these bikes come into their own, like its real namesake no filler all Indian style, all the models are sharp!

  3. kaustav ray says:

    indian's are not from India right?it's from the USA

  4. Shaik Azmal says:


  5. while talking about Indian Scout having having workhorse directly the video shifts to roadmaster . Was a bit confusing.

  6. I would rather buy an EVO instead

  7. my fav indian scout plz review it @powerdrift

  8. Rahul Sutar says:

    been said so many times to shut the background music but they dont get it !!!

  9. Mean machines, every ounce of the these bikes roar pure masculinity

  10. Awesome video! The bikes are great but the prices are absurd. That too for a company which haven't gained much fame in India. But anyway for me it's a Superbike over a cruiser 😁

  11. Very nice!! Awaiting for a review for the INDIAN SCOUT

  12. ARK says:

    haa haa continue kar….:P

  13. Abhishek Roy says:

    Typical american automotive, million litre engine capacity, 100 horsepower and a racist name.

  14. adeeb nadaf says:

    ahh. the music is no longer cool..
    Go easy guys

  15. address pls wer i can see the bike

  16. 3:38 reminded me of that hilarious news reporter fail! LOLZ

  17. ohh i got a chance to sit on the INDIAN CHIEF ROAD MASTER or i don't know what it is called but the flagship model it was like orgasm thank you INDIAN for being so friendly thanks PD love you

  18. Rupak Rana says:

    I didnt really get a complete view of the bikes.I'd suggest to go bit slow with the editing and capture complete view of the bikes

  19. Sri Harsha says:

    Indian bikes are jus too good
    my favorite is Indian dark horse though

  20. Shubham Jha says:

    That price though!! °.°

  21. varun jst did the 'chand nawab'

  22. I luv the DarkHorse …the engine is way smoother than Any HD…

  23. Ducati Diavel Review pleaaaaasssee!
    Waiting for the review with a PD tag on it.

  24. Fenil Saji says:

    I just realised that Harley Davidson motorcycles are selling VFM products! :D

  25. Kit Walker says:

    Background score too loud!

  26. TheEvaAddict says:

    Glad to see Varun didn't abuse him like Chand Nawab :)..!!..Meanwhile, informative video, prices won't matter to the rich and enthusiasts I guess..!!

  27. Bikram Snehi says:

    Hey PD, How about starting with the Indian Scout first and then working your way up the models to the Roadmaster? (Vested interest in the Scout but let me not give my bias away!)

  28. Sab theek hain bhai par kitna deti hain ?

  29. Love the sneak peak on the INDIAN have been waiting for it
    Hope it gets CKDed soon to bring prices down
    and also powerdrift u guys really gotta stop blowing peoples mind with that background score
    I mean how dare you SAVAGES
    on a lighter note killer job guys #powerdrift #pdarmy

  30. Ayush Saxena says:

    Irony that Indian made iconic bikes are called ROYAL ENFIELD, a name so British that even Americans chose to call their bikes INDIAN.

  31. man a very big price bump after scout, whoa…

  32. Jihad A.J says:

    Reading the title, I thought the video was about Indian Motorcycles launched in 2015 and when I started the video only I realised which "Indian" you were talking about. Hehe!
    Also, as everyone stated, please reduce the background music while the host is speaking and everything's good to go.

  33. Yuvraj Johri says:

    good video.. but too much music drowning everything else

  34. That Dark Horse look orgasmic😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  35. the sound track is great and all but it hinders the voice try to improve on that other wise its great

  36. SneakySandhu says:

    I own a Indian motorcycle!

    Crowd : Huh?

    I own a BMW!
    Crowd : Nice wheels man! , Dude let's go a ride! , Bhai, let me sit on driver's seat please! 

  37. Vaibhav More says:

    pls go easy on the background soundtrack when you are speaking

  38. Ayaan khan says:

    Indian's are a classic choice always!

  39. Direct competition to Harley Davidson. Awesome bikes.

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