12 Comments to “Indian MotorCycle Chief Dark Horse Test Ride Review – Bikeportal”

  1. surya surya says:

    yes but we are " Indians"and also other country's also buying man

  2. Tejas N says:

    Why he is reading 😊😊😊

  3. rocker85675 says:

    Vynal seats eh? Nothing but the finest materials for poo-larisI will take them seriously when they learn how to paint a bike and loose the skirts, skirts are for chicks

  4. RoryZ23 says:

    Is this bike massive or is this rider really small???

  5. Mozart says:

    I think you guys get the "indian" concept wrong…

  6. i know all bikes and price swaraj Bikram Jena

  7. Amal Tiwari says:

    This new review Abhijeet is pretty good. Am sure with experience he will become even better.

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